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Here you will find submissions that range from hilarious to very useful.   You will at least get a good laugh!  We will mark the ones that are mostly humorous.

The articles contained within this section have a code to help you know what game and edition they are for.

40K2 Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition
40K3 Warhammer 40,000 3rd Edition
WHFB Warhammer Fantasy Battle
GEN General Article


General Articles

My Thoughts on 3rd Edition (40K3)

Historical Influences for Scenarios (40K)


Modeling Articles

Modeling Grasslands (GEN)

That's not a Thunderhawk! This is a Thunderhawk! (40K)

Blood Angels Sanguinary High Priest (40K3)

Chaplain Lemartes Conversion (40K3)

Space Marine Hornet (40K)


Special Characters

Captain Cerberus (40K2)

Blood Angels Commander Borealis (40K3)

Commissar Jayko (40K3)

Scythes of the Emperor Special Characters (40K3)


New Troop Types

Starship Troopers Bugs (40K2)

Oculari (40K3)

New Sisters of Battle (40K2)


New Vehicles

Space Marine Hornet (40K3)

Space Marine Hornet Mk II


New Wargear

Flashy Grenades for Orks (40K2)



Codex: Chaos Cultists (40K2)


(All GEN)

Corgan Rockcleaver

Cannakus' Kabal

The 23rd Baratarians

Da' Uvver Side Uv Da' Story (The 23rd Baratarians)

Aerk the Red

The Cold-Heart Saga


Slayer, the Assassin

The Bloodied Talons vs. The Tridons

The End of Purgatory

The Battle for Ferrus Prime

Kindred Spirits


(All GEN)

Genestealer Cult Sentinel

Andrew's Minis

Phil's Figures

Phil's Works in Progress

Berzerker Conversion



Brother Captain Grimace (40K2)

Happy Prancers (40K2)

Marauding Penguins (40K2)

Funnies About 40K (40K2/3)

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