Battle Reports

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Iron Templars Strike Force vs. Kaptin Gavrin's Kult of Speed

Maldroui Victorious Over Tyranids

Baruth Marg Kabal Falls to Ork Waagh!

Waagh! Kaptin Gavrin Fight Tau to Standstill

Baruth Marg Kabal Falls to Ork Waagh!

Iron Templars Intercept Ork Warlord Nazdreg

Iron Templars Turned Upon By Traitor Battle Sisters

Iron Templars Defeat Ork Pirates in Tactical Display

Kaptin Killer's Krew Ambushed by Death Guard

Kaptin Gavrin Intercepted by Tau

Gorgag Deathbringer Evens the Score

Iron Templars Return to Bolter Drill

Death Guard and Orks Fight to Standstill

Lord Pestulus Beats Daemon Prince Blacker

Pestulus Beats Shrike's Wing

Chaos-Tau Firefight

Snakebites Shredded by Shrike

Iron Templars Best Bronze Legion

Death Guard Sweep Over Orks

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