Transmitted:  Astropath Station: Malaan
Received:  Nallisea III
Date: 0881999.M41
Astropath: Prime Corinthus
Ref: ADA.IT.29146/V
Collated by: Scribe Gravus Marius

Iron Templars Return to Bolter Drill

Following two unsuccessful practice missions against fellow Marines from the Crimson Fists and the Bronze Legion, the Iron Templars have returned to their fortress-monastery for more bolter drills and heavy weapons practice.

Both battles are largely unmemorable affairs that saw Iron Templars fiddling with weaponry that seemed alien to them.  They fired wildly, unable to find their mark, and dropped as return fire - much more accurate than their own - found its mark.  A newly promoted Epistolary had trouble in both missions using his psychic powers to any major effect, and the addition of Land Speeders and Terminators to either force proved largely fruitless.

Master Magnus has requisitioned the use of more practice fields, and has ordered the Techmarines to bring the chapter's engines of battle to war, including their Land Raiders, Predators, and artillery.  These vehicles will be used in future battles, providing the firepower and survivability that the Marines themselves are unable to provide.

Seeing mobility was also a concern, Magnus has ordered an inquiry into the effectiveness of Tactical Squads without heavy weaponry, allowing him to use squads that can move about the battlefield freely.  These squads performed successfully in previous battles, only failing when their weapon choice was unsuitable for the opponents they were facing.

I look forward to reporting future success based on these changes.

Loyally yours,
Scribe Gravus Marius



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