Gorgag Deathbringer Evens the Score

To Gorgag Deathbringer, the score is now even... despite it being three-to-one in Kaptin Gavrin's favor.

The Ork warboss called out Kaptin Gavrin and challenged him for control of an industrial ruin.  Gavrin was happy for the chance to smack around his skumgrod.  He had done it before, he would do it again.

But Gorgag was a shrewd one, and came to fight earlier than he'd said.  He attacked in the middle of the night, sneaking up on Gavrin's lines.  An armored force of Killer Kans and Dreadnought charged forward, supported by a massive horde of Boyz.

The exact details of the battle are hard to follow.  Firepower erupted from both sides, effecting few casualties except for Gretchin, who hid after being slammed by a massive Earthshaker round.  Burna Boyz charged into combat with Killer Kanz, destroying three but dying as more Orks assaulted them.  Two mobs disgorged from trukks and supported another large mob in assaulting two of Gavrin's mobs on a flank, wiping out the opposition but taking heavy casualties themselves.  In the middle of the battlefield, around a large crane, no less than four mobs fought.  A large mob of Gorgag's boyz died to Killer Kanz and Cyborks, but Gorgag's Killer Kanz destroyed them in return.  And off the flank, the supporting shoota boyz were pounded by Gavrin's Basilisk, killing ten Orks with one shot.

Once all that cleared up, Gorgag's remaining forces started moving forward.  See his last chance, Gavrin ordered his battlewagon forward and joined the fray.  The Basilisk's driver got too happy with the engines and revved it, crashing the tank on a hill and throwing off the gunners' aim.  Gavrin and his Skarboyz ripped apart a number of Orks hiding in the trees, tearing through four mobs, and then coming out on the other side.  His battlewagon, now vulnerable to a rokkit-sporting tank, erupted behind him.

Gorgag claimed a victory, noting his kanz and Dreadnought left.  Gavrin, being more practical, pointed out that his Earthshaker could destroy those vehicles, and he and his retinue could personally smash the rest of Gorgag's forces, which now included eleven Shoota Boyz, two Burna Boyz, three Killer Kanz, and a Dreadnought, along with a Big Mek.  Gorgag, being helped to his feet by his boyz, called the battle a victory, claiming that he held more of the battlefield.  Gavrin, seeing the draw as it was and being too weary following the Tau ambush and now this, would not take these ridiculous claims, and stormed off back to his camp, promising that when Gorgag had his Orkiness surgically reattached along with all of his limbs, he could come back and challenge the warlord again.  He could try to claim victory this time, but Gavrin would have it in a smashing success next time - whether Gorgag brought his "Deff Star" battlewagon, Demolisher, Basilisk, kanz, Dreadnought, or even "Pookie" the Massive Squiggoth.



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