Maldroui Victorious Over Tyranids

Just over a week ago today, the Baruth Marg Kabal met the foul alien Tyranids in battle in the midst of an Imperial colony.  It was being overrun by this alien horde, left defenceless by the Imperial gassiron that had been stationed there.  Their "saviors" were now gone, devoured by the Tyranids.  But there was no need to despair.  Archon Maldroui was there to see that the colonists were safe.

The kabal swooped in with a lightning attack, precision shots cutting down the Hive Tyrant and his largest, fastest warriors quickly.  The Tyranids reeled from the loss of so many of their synapse creatures.  Maldroui's wisdom was unquestioned as he kept his Raider in a position to dispatch the Lictor that emerged from the woods and attacked the rear of his forces.  He proceeded to get "stuck in" quickly afterward, launching an assault from his Raider.

The Mandrakes, silent and stealthy warriors that they are, made up for their earlier failures and redeemed their worth in Maldroui's eyes.  After confusing the aliens, they assaulted a mass of the smaller creatures, tearing them apart in a flurry of cuts from their vicious blades.  Maldroui personally witnessed the assault, and gave his praise before taking on a group of larger aliens nearby.

The Talos, powered by the life energy of one of the garrison members who had failed his people and was now being suitably punished, did its own amount of damage to the Tyranids.  It cut down the faster aliens with firepower, shot apart smaller aliens, and tore one of their psyker aliens apart.  In victorious rage, it hovered toward the Genestealers and their Brood Lord, but was cut down by their terrible claws.

The firepower of the kabal was devastating, and though a Ravager was lost to the claws of another Genestealer brood, the warriors of the Baruth Marg took the brunt of the Tyranid assault and threw it back at them.  A band of the kabal's Warriors took an assault from leaping Hormagaunts and an ambush from a Lictor, but managed to beat off both and slay every one of the aliens.  Maldroui led the counter attack, cutting a deadly swath through the aliens, proving beyond question why he was the kabal's master.

The aliens fled, knowing they were beaten.  In appreciation to the Baruth Marg kabal for saving their lives, the colonists now work in the kabal's pleasure houses and factories, working to aid the kabal as they beat back the rest of the alien threat and take on Imperial forces that arrived, conveniently, too late to save the populace.



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