Snakebites Shredded by Shrike

The Snakebite clan met stiff opposition from the Raven Guard, and lost big.

Bringing everything they had to battle in a mixed army of Madboyz, Huntas, Boarboyz, Stormboyz, and heavy support, the Snakebites looked to start carving a place for themselves on the world of Formul.  The Raven Guard were there to meet them with a quick-strike force of Land Speeders, Assault squads, Scout squads, and a Predator and Dreadnought.

The Snakebites lined up a ragged battle line, unsure of where their foe was.  The Raven Guard appeared before them suddenly, and the Snakebites surged forward.  A well placed blast from a looted Leman Russ blasted apart Shrike's Wing, but the rest of the firing was inaccurate, or fell short.  The Madboyz tried to charge at Shrike and engulf him in a sea of green bodies, but they tripped on the broken ground and were unable to reach him.

Shrike fired up his jump pack and sailed over the heads of the Huntas, assaulting them and tearing into them from behind.  The Predator was unable to penetrate the Orks' Battlewagon, but three assault cannons opened up and blew the zzap gun off of it, eliminating the main threat to the Predator.  An entire mob of Madboyz was wiped out by firepower, and the other was met by an Assault squad.

Fierce combats swirled across the battlefield and grew, as the Boarboyz charged after a unit of Scouts, and more Marines joined the fight in the center of the battlefield.  The Snakebites' firing was still largely ineffective.  Shrike tore apart the remaining Huntas and headed for the Leman Russ, ready to silence its cannon.  The Madboyz with the Ork Warboss were overwhelmed as the Marines took them apart with a handful of casualties, leaving the Warboss to fend for himself.  Stormboyz jumped in to help, but were met with fierce resistance and repelled.  The Boarboyz killed the Scouts they were fighting, but it was a small victory.  The Predator found its mark, blasting apart the Battlewagon and killing most of its passengers.  The Land Speeders ripped into the survivors and also blasted the Painboss's trukk, killing a trio of its passengers and stranding them in its wreckage.

The Orks tried their last attempt to surge forward and regain some momentum, but by now they were too few in number.  Sporadic gunfire was off-base, and the Leman Russ's crew had been shaken by the melta bombs blasting on its hull.  The Warboss took down a couple of Marines, but fell to their blades as a dozen of their brothers hacked at him.  Then the Raven Guard turned their attention to wiping out the survivors.  The Dreadnought finally dropped into battle, adding its firepower, as the survivors of the two mounted Ork mobs were torn apart in a hail of fire.  The Burna Boyz' final crazed assault on an entrenched sniper unit ended as most combats to that point had, with the Orks wiped out after causing no casualties.  The Boarboyz couldn't keep themselves from being a major target, and were wiped out with firing.

In one last bit of defiance, the Huntas managed to immobilize the Dreadnought and blew off its power fist.  But that just drew attention to them.  As the Leman Russ's ammunition detonated thanks to a well-placed melta bomb planted by Shrike, the Huntas were riddled with fire, dropping the last of the Orks.

It was a swift victory for the Raven Guard, who returned to their ship to move on to their next battle.



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