Death Guard Sweep Over Orks

It was quick vengeance for Lord Pestulus, and easy as well.

Setting up an ambush of one of Warlord Kaptin Gavrin's lieutenant warbosses, Pestulus had his Death Guard forces deploy in two fronts, ready to come in from the flanks to crush the Ork army.  The Orks placed their battlewagon in the center of their line, a heavy deployment of troops to the left of it, the rest of the army to the right.

The Death Guard seized the initiative, and that was it for the Orks.  The Chaos Predator blasted apart the battlewagon, killing half of its passengers.  A shot from the Defiler accurately hit the Ork Dreadnought, blasting it apart and tearing through the nearby Ork mobs.  A unit of Death Guard equipped with meltaguns, the only unit not to be equipped with flamers, tore into the Basilisk and watched as the explosion rolled through the Orks, decimating the rest of the Stormboyz with ease, and causing the Slugga Boy mob to start falling back.  On the other side of the battle, two squads of Death Guard moved up and opened up with flamers, torching most of a large Shoota Boy mob.

The Orks reacted as best they could.  Skorchas moved forward to flame the Death Guard, but couldn't reach more than one of them, who died in a massive inferno.  The Slugga Boyz continued their retreat, while on the other side another mob of Slugga Boyz moved up to get closer for an assault.  The few remaining Shoota Boyz moved forward, letting loose with a torrent of firepower, all of which did nothing.  With the Painboss and Cyborks, they launched an assault on the Death Guard squads, blocking the path for the Slugga Boyz.  One massive assault later, and two Death Guard lay dead while all of the Orks were wiped out.

The Death Guard pressed forward their advantage on the few remaining Orks, moving in toward the middle of the battlefield.  The flamer squads summoned a small pack of Plaguebearers, surrounded the large Slugga Boyz mob, and incinerated most of them, as well as the Painboss's trukk, before assaulting the rest and wiping them out.  On the other side of the battle, the Daemonvessel welcomed the Great Unclean One into his body, and it led a surge toward the Skorchas and the warboss's retinue of Skarboyz.  The Skorchas took a withering hail of fire, destroying one and heavily damaging the other two, who managed to move too fast for the Great Unclean One to hit.  Pestulus charged across the battlefield, rending apart several Skarboyz and causing the others to flee, catching them easily as they turned to run.

A pair of very damaged Skorchas and a half Slugga Boy mob was all that was left.  The Slugga Boyz retreated from the field of battle as the Skorchas became the target of the entire Death Guard army, easily being destroyed.



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