Transmitted:  Astropath Station: Malaan
Received:  Nallisea III
Date: 0881999.M41
Astropath: Prime Corinthus
Ref: ADA.IT.29146/V
Collated by: Scribe Gravus Marius

Iron Templars Defeat Ork Pirates in Tactical Display

My Lords,

I am enthused to report that the Iron Templars have defeated the notorious Ork Pirate Kaptin Killer's forces in a stunning display of tactical brilliance.

Master Magnus knew that Kaptin Killer would not be able to resist a direct challenge.  Upon landing, he put forth a broadcast that he knew the Ork would hear and retaliate against, calling out the xenos leader.  A time and place was named, and the Ork warlord decided to meet the challenge.

Magnus had his army set up in a semi-circle to face the Orks when they arrived.  Devastator squads repositioned themselves pre-battle to get the best lines of fire against the Ork horde.  The Devastators on the western flank noticed Ork scouts sneaking up on the Templars' position and opened fire, killing most of them.  Battle was joined.

The Space Marines reacted quickly, opening fire on the Ork horde and dropping many of its warriors, and wiping out its Gretchin screening unit.  The remaining Ork scouts were wiped out before they could prove to be a problem.  The Ork battlewagon had its main weaponry blasted off by krak missiles, but the Devastators were unable to harm it further.  The Orks charged on, opening up with a stunning fusillade that saw many thousands of rounds fired at the Templars.  The total effect was only four battle brothers injured.

The Iron Templars showed the fury of their weaponry.  Over two dozen Orks were felled by weaponry.  The rest came on unfazed, dropping too more battle brothers with ranged weapons, and charging into combat with the forward Tactical Squads.  This was part of Magnus' plan, luring the Orks forward into a better firing position.  They were tied up in combat, and could take no part in the rest of the battle while combating the Tactical Marines.  The Orks were starting to stall, and weren't very certain of their chances.

The Templars took this stall as an opportunity to inflict more damage on the Orks.  Ranged fire dropped more than a dozen more Orks.  The Tactical squads were selling their lives dearly, taking a heavy toll on the Orks fighting them.  Chaplain Thorvald led his Assault Squad out of cover and toward the Ork Kaptin, firing upon him and his retinue before charging into combat.  The Ork warlord was slain in the resulting combat, as was one of his Nobs.  Unfortunately, seven brothers were felled by the Orks' power claws.  Thorvald was undaunted, and fought on.  While battle raged about them, the Orks' "Flash Gitz" fired hundreds of shots into the Templar lines, injuring another battle brother.

The Templars returned fire, slaying most of the Orks' firepower units and sending the survivors running from the battlefield.  The Ork Battlewagon was also destroyed, preventing any escape.  The combats raged on in the middle of the battlefield, another Nob dropping but two more battle brothers also dropping.  The Tactical Marines finally were all too injured or otherwise incapacitated to fight, and the Orks fighting them ran forward, charging into combat with one of the support Tactical squads.  No side was able to gain an upper hand on the initial charge.

The Templars opened fire again, where they could, killing a handful of artillery crewmen.  The Orks were amazed at what was happening.  The only Orks remaining on the field of battle were the Nobs, the Orks engaged with the Tactical Marines, and artillery that had only just now managed to knock down a Space Marine.  But they fought on, dropping Thorvald and his Sergeant, two Nobs left to advance forward.  The Tactical Marines had a good fight and killed a couple of Orks, but that was all they could manage.

The Templars fired again at the Ork artillery, killing all but the Mekboy crewing them and one of the two Ork Nobs remaining.  The last Nob charged into a Tactical Squad, dropping one Marine.  The other Tactical Squad in combat killed the remaining Orks combating it.  Magnus, seeing a unit in plight, came in and dispatched the last Ork Nob.  The Ork Mekboy, thinking better of his chances, decided to flee the battlefield and return to the main Ork horde.

It was a complete victory for the Iron Templars, with minimal casualties.

On the casualty report, Thorvald is currently recovering and is in stable condition.  He sustained a nasty hit to the back of his head, which knocked him unconcious for the last few minutes of the battle and gave him a mild concussion.  He is eager to return to his duties as Master of Sanctity, and will be released from the Apothecarium soon.

I believe battle honors are well deserved for this victory.

Loyally yours,
Scribe Gravus Marius



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