Transmitted:  Astropath Station: Malaan
Received:  Nallisea III
Date: 0873999.M41
Astropath: Prime Corinthus
Ref: ADA.IT.29138/V
Collated by: Scribe Gravus Marius

Iron Templars Strike Force vs. Kaptin Gavrin's Kult of Speed

My Lords,

I report to you this day a grand victory for the Iron Templars.  It is not without some regret.  Here now, let me tell you the tale.

The Iron Templars had fallen back after their loss to the Blood Axe forces that had ambushed them in the Jungles of Malaan.  They returned to base, the Orks hot on their tail.  Looted Imperial artillery rained down upon the Sanctuary of Iron, smashing it and the surrounding base.  Fighter Bommers strafed the base, but thankfully they caused no casualties.

Master Magnus prepared a grand defense.  He knew that the Orks would come in on the base, seeking to smash it and make off with any valuable gear they could find, the most valuable of which was the wreckage of an Aquila Lander.  The ruins of the Templars' base proved to be a good defensive point, so an army was arrayed there, with all of the fire support available.  Almost half of an entire battle company formed the defense line, supported by a Land Raider Crusader, Predator Destructor, and Vindicator.  Thorvald the Pious, Master of Sanctity charged with keeping the purity of the Templars, was ready to lead his own part of the contingent into battle, eager to avenge the slaughter of his brethren while interference wreaked havoc with his teleporters.

The Orks tried to hide behind the forests at the outskirts of the base, but they soon came out into the open.  They charged across the landscape.  Two squads down each flank, two more along the inside, the foul Warboss heading along the left flank with support from a looted Basilisk and a pair of Guntrukks.  Missiles came down upon the trukks, smashing some of them as they rocketed toward the Imperial ruins.  Bolter fire raked the survivors as they clambered out of their smashed vehicles.

The Orks still came on, their Guntrukks firing uselessly at the Land Raider, their Basilisk lacking the accuracy of a vehicle given the proper prayers to the Machine God.  They seemed coordinated, and fell upon the Imperial emplacements on the flanks.  Magnus led his command squad into the fray, emerging from the Land Raider to battle the Orks.  They cut down a mob and destroyed its trukk, only to face the Warboss as he charged them.

On the flanks, Squads Hardrada and Lyons faced the Ork assault, and held them locked in combat.  The tanks fired upon the Orks attempting to cross the center of the battlefield, tearing them apart without mercy.  Magnus faced off with Kaptin Gavrin, in an epic battle that saw his battered command squad withdraw from combat, bearing the broken body of their leader with them as they made haste to get him to medical care.

The Ork Warboss was filled with delight, despite having lost a good portion of his own retinue.  They charged at the Land Raider, power klaws snapping, bombs being attached to its sacred hull.  The Land Raider was blasted apart as Squad Hardrada fell on the right flank.  On the left flank, Squad Lyons held firm, repelling the Orks that had assaulted them, then riddling their transports with fire, Squad Germanus supporting.

The Vindicator and Predator continued to pound the approaching Orks as the Warboss assaulted Squad Germanus, tearing them apart in a devastating display of carnage.  Sergeant Germanus fell back, dragging with him what comrades he could carry.  The Warboss, delighted with his success, turned to find other victims.  Thorvald, having seen this carnage, began his own path of destruction, smashing aside the Orks on the right flank as he and his accompanying Assault Squad, Squad Aras, jumped from location to location, not letting the Orks take a pause.

With their flank collapsing, and the other flank being refused to them, the Orks fell upon desperation tactics.  Their looted Basilisk emerged from hiding to fire upon the Vindicator, blasting its sacred tracks and immobilizing it.  A Nob in mega armour leapt upon the Predator, tearing into its ammunition box, destroying the tank in a blast of fire.  Thorvald came back upon the mob that laid waste to the tank, destroying them in another quick melee.

By now the battle was reaching its climax.  The Basilisk and Squad Lyons traded fire, the Basilisk being ripped apart, but not before it had killed many brave Marines in Squad Lyons.  Thorvald and his remaining retinue made haste for the Warboss, challenging them in the center of the battle for possession of the prized hulk that the Orks had sought.

Battle was joined, and it was quick and fierce.  The two retinues rent each other apart, mighty blows ripping through armour.  Thorvald saw the Ork Warboss weakened from his battle with Magnus.  With a quick prayer to the Emperor, he lunged at the Ork's weakened body.  He screamed out one of his Litanies of Hate, and with a flurry of blows smote the Warboss.

With that, the remaining handful of Orks saw they were broken.  They withdrew from the field of battle, less than a half dozen remaining.  Thorvald had avenged his earlier failure, but as he looked around he saw that much work had to be done.

The Iron Templars have withdrawn from their ruined base and are requesting additional reinforcements.  They believe their hold on Malaan is still firm, but it could change at a moment's notice.  I respectfully suggest battle honours for both Brother Master Magnus and Brother Chaplain Thorvald.  Without their courage, the world may have been lost.

Loyally yours,
Scribe Gravus Marius



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