Baruth Marg Kabal Falls to Ork Waagh!

The Baruth Marg Kabal fell to the Orks of Kaptin Gavrin's Kult of Speed in a vicious ambush. The Orks, bloodthirsty and rearing for a fight following their draw with the Tau. Maldroui's forces were caught unaware by the treacherous Orks. In the opening minutes of the fight, the Orks drove their trukks up, unloaded, shot down a handful of Raiders, and then assaulted the Warriors.

The combat was bloody and it wasn't long before more Warriors entered the fray. Dark Lances sent beams of dark energy into Ork trukks, smashing apart three of them. The Warriors on the Raiders' sides opened fire on the Orks that escaped the destruction of their vehicles, killing a few in each mob. On the flanks of the battle, combat raged as Orks and Warriors fought hard, the Warriors finally giving way. The Orks, mad with victory, ran for other nearby Warriors, charging into them and starting a new dance of death.

More Orks arrived into the fight, while the empty trukks escaped and went for cover. The Orks shot with all they had before charging, bringing down a couple of Warriors. But it was the assault that went bad for the Warriors, as many of them were cut down by the Orks, at few losses to the green skinned savages. Maldroui had seen enough. He directed his Incubi into the fray. As splinter rifles from unengaged Warriors tore into the Orks still clambering out of the wreckage of their vehicles, Maldroui and his retinue charged the Orks. Green bodies were split from shoulder to hip, nervous systems overloaded by Maldroui's agonizer. The Orks were broken, wiped out by the charge.

This was all that Kaptin Gavrin had been waiting for. His trukk gunned forward, the Ork Warlord and his Nobz leaping over the front of the vehicle to charge into the Archon and his retinue. While Warriors and Ork Boyz slaughtered each other across the battlefield, the two lords and their retinues came together for a terrible battle. The Warboss's charge stunned the Incubi, and only Maldroui, his actions as quick as his temper, was able to react before the Orks. He lashed out at Kaptin Gavrin, his agonizer hitting the Warboss over and over. The weapon's pulses seemed to barely affect the large Ork, his body shuddering thrice at the power of the weapon. Gavrin's bionic additions seemed to save him from the worst effects of the weapon.

The Warlord struck next, raining blows down on Maldroui. His first hit struck the field, causing it to explode in a shower of sparks and tearing into his shoulder. The other two blows went through the Archon's armour like thin paper, wounding him grievously. The Archon backed away from the fight, activating his personal webway portal to escape back to Commoragh. The Nobz hurled vicious attacks against the Incubi, downing them all, Ot-Tokath and another Inbudi managing to kill a pair of Nobs before they too fell to the Orks' blows.

The Warboss howled his victory across the battlefield, giving the Orks around him the confidence to beat back the Warriors. What was left of the kabal's raiding force turned from the Orks, quickly embarking on their Raiders again, and headed back into the webway. The Orks were victorious.

Maldroui, upon his return to Commoragh, found the engineer responsible for his field and had him sent to his personal Haemonculi.

Kaptin Gavrin moved on, ready to take on the next comer.



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