Waagh! Kaptin Gavrin Fight Tau to Standstill

Kaptin Gavrin's Waagh! was stalled by a force of Tau as they were trying to head back home following their battle with the Iron Templars.

The battle was quick and fierce.  It started with a squadron of fighter bommerz strafing the Tau, injuring their commander and killing four Fire Warriors.  Several trukks were blasted at the beginning of the battle, leaving Orks trying to drag themselves out of the wreckage and recover.  One mob was able to assault the Stealth team that had laid waste to its trukk, but the other Stealth team jumped past them and destroyed the Orks' looted Basilisk with a hail of fire.

The Orks returned this with a Guntrukk blasting a Hammerhead out of the sky, but it felt the wrath of the Tau army and was ripped to shreds.  The remaining trukks were being quickly shot apart.  Only on the left side of the Ork line was any noticable damage dealt early in the battle, with a single mob ripping through both Stealth teams, then threatening to take down the Hammerhead.  Another mob joined in the destruction in the center of the Tau line.  They tore through a pair of Pathfinder mobs and the Tau Broadsides, but were brought down by several pulse rifle shots from another Fire Warrior squad that also devestated the mobs on the left flank.

The right flank of the Waagh! was decimated by firepower from the commander and his bodyguard, and a Fire Warrior squad.  No mob could make it across that flank, and the last remaining mob turned back and left the flank to the Tau.

Kaptin Gavrin, knowing the situation was dire, kept his trukk from the firing lines of the Tau vehicles and battlesuits.  He survived the battle, but was angered by the devastation done to his army.  The Tau force had been smashed, their commander injured.  But the Ork Waagh! was also dealt a similarly bloody blow.

After several hours of combat, both sides disengaged from battle and withdrew, eager to return to a safe base and lick their wounds.  The battle had ended in a bloody draw.



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