Transmitted:  Astropath Station: Malaan
Received:  Nallisea III
Date: 0884999.M41
Astropath: Prime Corinthus
Ref: ADA.IT.29142/V
Collated by: Scribe Gravus Marius

Iron Templars Turned Upon By Traitor Battle Sisters

My Lords,

I feel sorrow that I must inform you of the treacherous acts of some Adeptus Sororitas, but with the Emperor's blessing I can report a victory for the loyal Iron Templars.

I know not what made the Sororitas turn from the Emperor's guiding light.  They declared battle against the Iron Templars, forming a battle line along the northern end of the battlefield.  Brother Master Magnus formed a line on the southern end of the battlefield, with three distinct elements.

The battle opened quietly, both sides barely advancing while firing sporadic burst of heavy weapons fire that only killed a handful of combatants.  The Sororitas advanced as quickly as possible, hindered by the Templars' missiles blasting apart their Rhino transports.  They advanced well on the eastern flank, cutting down a Devastator squad and two Tactical squads, but those Marines were only there to draw the Sororitas into a trap.  On the western flank, Magnus' troops advanced under a withering hail of fire, cutting apart several Sororitas squads.  One of his Tactical squads was able to charge into close combat, cutting down some of the Sororitas and sending them running, while losing only a handful of their number.

In the center of the battlefield, another Devastator squad provided heavy fire support with its quartet of missile launchers, until the implacable advance of the Sororitas quieted all but one of them.  They paid dearly for this small victory.  The missile launchers slew many Sororitas.  A pair of Whirlwinds, hidden behind a protective sheer hill, rained fire down upon the Sororitas, frightening many of them with the casualties they caused and slowing their advance.  Truly one of the crews was a veteran crew, nearly every shot landing on target.

The Sororitas, realizing they would be unable to compete with the firepower left in the Iron Templars army, decided to leave the field of battle.  Their number was greatly reduced, a mere five squads at or above half its original number.  Several other squads had been devastated, and three vehicle hulks lay strewn across the northern side of the battlefield.  The Iron Templars had a firm hold on the southwestern quadrant of the battlefield, with two Tactical squads, a Devastator squad, a reserve Assault squad, and both Whirlwinds ready to tear apart the remaining Sororitas with firepower and assault.  They let the traitors flee from battle, then set to the grim task of seeing who still lived and retrieving geneseed from those who had passed on to the Emperor.

Loyally yours,
Scribe Gravus Marius



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