The Realm of the Chaos and Daemon Worlds

Huddle close to your Emperor, if he makes you feel safe. He cannot save you, for only Chaos is eternal.

Into the Eye of Terror passed the Traitor Legions, and from here they execute Black Crusades against the Imperium of Mankind, and they raid the Craftworlds and Realms of the Eldar.

Codex: Omega Legion by Thomas Setzer
Codex: Alpha Legion by Thomas Setzer

Codex: Chaos Cultists by Thomas Setzer and Erik Setzer

Apollyon the Destroyer
Hippius, Berzerker Champion
Korudon, Berzerker Champion
Marcius, Berzerker Champion
Nicodemus, Omega Legions Lord
Rothman the Vile, Plague Marine Champion
Damien, Tzeentch Sorceror Lord

Arhra, the Fallen Phoenix
The Sons of Arhra

Stormboyz of Khorne
Chaos Blood Slaughterer

Codex: Thousand Sons by Ender Boulais
Codex: Iron Warriors by Ender Boulais

Noise Marine Dreadnought by Ender Boulais
Traitor Assassin by Ender Boulais
Zombies of Ganymede

Foulgart Bile Rot
Chaos Lord Tipherius of the Word Bearers

The Corruption of Warmaster Horus

Chaos Terminator Tactics

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