Chaos Blood Slaughterer

Converted by Thomas and Erik Setzer from Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader era books published by Games Workshop, Ltd.

Amongst the Greatest of Khorne's Weapons are the Daemon Engines. Daemon Engines are literally Daemonic machine creatures made of iron and brass, covered with heavy armour of black steel, and marked with the brass runes of Khorne. They are deadly hulking monstrosities, bristling with weapons. The Blood Slaughterer is a deadly opponent as it hurtles across the battlefield on its iron bound wheels, spraying death from the heavy bolters mounted in its chest, or tearing its enemies apart with its axe and whip in hand to hand combat. The Blood Slaughterer will charge anything that gets in its way, attacking ferociously until it is destroyed.

The Blood Slaughterer counts as an Elites choice in a Chaos Space Marine army.






Front         Side        Rear

Chaos Blood Slaughterer 109 4 4 5 (10) 11              11             10 4 3

Type: Walker

Weapons: Two bolters, two Dreadnought close combat weapons

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