Stormboyz of Khorne

Most Stormboyz eventually grow out of their obsession with marching about, dressing in uniforms, and other militaristic behavior.  However, a few individuals find it hard to give up the old ways, watching their mates drift away or die, while the new Stormboy recruits often come to regard them as cranky old-timers.  Some become Stormboy Kaptins and continue to lead Stormboy Mobz in combat, but others are drawn into one of the Freebooter Bands which worship the Blood God Khorn.  Worship of the Chaos Powers is not tolerated amongst sane and sensible Orks, but the cult is rampant amongst Freebooter Stormboyz.  The Blood God epitomizes the martial virtues which they hold dear, including a harsh disciplinary code, binding rules governing their conduct as honorable warriors, and, of course, a life of almost continual blood-letting.   Stormboyz of Khorne are good hand to hand fighters and easily find employment.   Their strange sense of honor permits them to fight with equal vigor on behalf of Human Chaos Champions and other Chaos Forces, as well as for Ork warlords.  Khorne's Stormboyz who survive long enough may be rewarded with gifts or attributes of which they are very proud.  Once committed to the Blood God the Orks know they can never return to normal Ork society.  They are destined to fall on some far flung field, their blood and bleaching bones a sacrifice to Khorne.  You only have to look at the face of any idol of Khorne to see how that Power thrives on the worship and sacrifice of Orks such as these.


Profile Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Stormboy 12 4 2 3(4) 4 1 2 2 7 6+
Kaptin 30 5 2 4(5) 4 1 2 3 8 6+

Stormboyz of Khorne count as an Elites choice in a Chaos Space Marine or Ork army.

Mob: The Korps consists of a Kaptin and 4 - 19 Khorne's Stormboyz.

Weapons: Slugga and Chainaxe (counts as Choppa).

Options: The entire Korps may be equipped with Jump packs at a cost of +10 points per model.

The entire Korps may be equipped with frag stikkbombz at +1 point per model or krak stikkbombz at +2 points per model.

Up to two Stormboyz may be equipped with burnaz at +6 points per model, rokkit launchas at +5 points per model, or big shootas at +8 points per model.

Wargear: The Kaptin may be given extra equipment from the Chaos Space Marine and/or Orks Armoury.  He may not be given mega-armour or Chaos Armour.

Mark of Chaos: Khorne's Stormboyz have the Mark of Khorne.

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