The Fallen Phoenix

In the time of the Fall, Asurmen led his people into exile, abandoning his world to the horrors of the Warp. He founded the first of the Aspect Warrior shrines, the Shrine of Asur, and amongst those he trained there was Arhra, the Quick Scorpion, he who was fated to be the Father of the Striking Scorpions.

Arhra burned with a hated of Slaanesh and the weak Eldar who followed his call. Slaanesh and his decadence was all the things that Arhra saw to be wrong with his people and the cause of all their woe. His hatred built to the point that it was all-consuming, all he could think of was revenge against Slaanesh and those who had caused the Fall of his people. He devoted his entire being to martial skills and revenge. Arhra saw Khaine as weak and ineffective, and those who followed Khaine to be misguided. He called out for aid against Slaanesh and the enemies that he had seen the Fallen of his people to have become. He was answered by the Lord of Battles and Destruction, Khorne. Khorne marked Arhra as one of his mightiest Champions, and gave him one of the Crone Worlds to rule.

Arhra wears solid black armour that is only relieved by trim of the deepest bronze.

Arhra has spent the millennia since training himself and other Fallen Eldar for the great battle to come between the forces of Khorne and the forces of Slaanesh.


Profile Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Arhra  300 7 6 4(5) 4 3 8 4(5) 10 2+/4+ inv.

Weapons: Tokathmarg ("Scorpion Death"), chainsword (close combat weapon), Cormerslidd ("Black Star")

Marks: Mark of Khorne. (+1 armour save.)


Exarch Powers: Arhra has the following special Exarch Powers: Fighting Fury (+1 Attack), Crushing Blow (+1 Strength), and Stealth.

Fearless: Arhra is immune to psychology, and needs never take a Break test. He cannot be broken by any means, and is assumed to pass any Leadership-based test he is required to take.




Tokathmarg is an ancient weapon from before the time of the Fall that has been twisted by the warping power of Chaos. Where once it was an elegant sword of beauty, it is now a twisted black blade of destruction.

Tokathmarg counts as a power weapon that adds +1 to its user's Strength.  Combined with Arhra's Crushing Blow power, this means the sword will strike with a Strength 6 and allows no armour saves.


The Cormerslidd is an ancient talisman of power from a time before time. It is said that the Black Star was carried into battle by many heroes of the Eldar in the times of legend. It is now fused to the breast of Arhra's armour.

The Black Star gives Arhra a 4+ invulnerable save against all attacks and automatically nullifies all psychic powers cast against him.

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