Big Bozz Morkull

Da' 'ardest Grot in da' 'ole galaxy

Morkull kept pezterin' an' pezterin' when 'e wuz a yung Grot to be one of da' boyz 'til Ghazghkull fin'ly 'anded 'im ova' to a Drillbozz an' sed "'Ere, 'drill' 'im, and 'drill' 'im, be meener to 'im dan any uv da' boyz." It kame az quite a surprize when Morkull started whoopin' up on all da' boyz. Dey beat 'im and miztreated 'im 'til wun day dey found dey 'ad da' baddest, mozt on'ry wun Grot in da' 'ole galaxy. Wut no 'un had know'd wuz dat Morkull 'ad been gettin' "pump-up shots" from da' Mad Doc. All dey knowed wuz 'e wuz big, ugly, an' mean. Dey alzo learn'd da' 'ard way (but iz dere any uvva' way?) not to call 'im a Grot. Wun uv Ghazghkull's fav'rit big bozzes called 'im a "sorry Grot" one day, an' Morkull sed "You'z'll take dat back, or you'z'll be hist'ry!" Da' big bozz sed "'Oo's gonna' make me? You'z?" Da' next fing 'eard wuz a dubble boom an' da' big bozz's 'ead exploded lahk a ova'-ripe melon. Morkull walked away, blowin' da' smoke away from 'is truzty "shoota'", sayin' "Any'un elze need inztrucshens?" Dere wuz no takers. Morkull has a tendencee to smoke da' "stinkinest" Squigars in da' galaxy, an' to shoot firzt an' argue afta'wuds. Morkull lahks fings dat make big booms, dat iz why 'e carries a dubble-barrelled "shoota'" an' lotza' stikkbombz. 'e alzo favours a short 'eavy meat cleava' dat 'e 'ad a Mekboy convert to a powa' cleava'. You'z can alwayz spot Morkull by 'is size an' 'is brite blue crezt uv 'air squigs.


Profile Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Morkull 70 4 4 3 3 3 4 3 8 6+

Weapons: Shotgun, frag and krak stikkbombz, slugga, power cleaver (power weapon).


Grot Leader: Morkull may lead a mob of Gretchin just as if he was a Runtherd.



Profile Pts/Model WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Grot 6 3 3 2 2 1 3 2 7 6+

Morkull's Boyz may be chosen as a Troops choice in an Ork army.

These are Gretchin that Morkull has trained to be his personal mob, and to be the baddest Gretchin boyz in the Waagh!. He has trained them through selective learning (an odd name for pounding them until they get it right).

Mob: The mob consist of 10-40 ded 'ard Gretchin.

Weapons: Shotgun, slugga, close combat weapon.


Leader: Morkull's Boyz must be led by Morkull.

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