Igrutz "Da' Claw" Horgla

Mighty Evil Sunz Warboss

Igrutz came from a small Evil Sunz clan village and fought his way up through the ranks fighting in many Waagh!'s and proving himself to be a ded 'ard fighter. He was never tempted by the Kult of Speed, instead, he had a drive to be a leader and dominate his fellow Orks. Power and prestige in the clan were always his main drive. Bikes and buggies to him are just tools to kill his enemies with, he prefers the heat of battle, and can be found leading his troops into the heat of the fight. When his left arm was cut off by the sword of a Space Marine, he had it replaced with a bionic arm ending in a massive power fist, so that he could crush his enemies. Igrutz has a special hatred for all Eldar, because an Eldar raiding party from Craftworld Ulthwe totally wiped out his home village while Igrutz was off on a Waagh!

Igrutz can be chosen as your army leader or he may be included as an additional character if there is a Warlord character in your army.


Profile Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Igrutz Horgla 170 6 2 5 4 3 4 4 9 4+

Wargear: Powerclaw, close combat weapon, slugga, frag and krak stikkbombz, 'eavy armour.


Leadership: Any Ork units that have a model within 12" of Igrutz may use his Leadership value when they take a Break or Panic test.

Grot Assistants: Igrutz may be accompanied by up to four Gretchin assistants; you must purchase these from the Armoury as normal.

Hates Eldar: Igrutz hates Eldar, and so will always strike them on a 3+ in HTH, regardless of WS.

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