Goffik Rokkerz

Whenever the Orks do battle there is one thing that can be expected (no, not malfunctions!) and that is Goffik Rock. Without exception Goffik Rock is an essential element to any Ork warband, Even the Snakebite Orks, the most primitive and tribal of the clans uses Goffik rock in ceremonies and rituals. The Goff clan however uses Goffik rock in every aspect of their lives, especially warfare. Goffik rock seems to feed on the psychic energy that the Orks produce when they get excited. The Ork mekaniaks have managed to build a device that magnifies this waaagh" energy, this instrument is called a Jammer and greatly resembles a massive electric guitar. The boyz who learn to control and master this device earn the illustrious title of Goffik Rokker. This is truly one of the finest achievements any Goff Ork could strive for. Goffik Rokkerz have a potent effect on Orks around them and tend to cause anarchy in an already chaotic army.


Profile Pts/Model WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Goffik Rokkerz 17 4 2 3 4 1 2 2 7 6+

An Ork army may include up to one Goffik Rok Band as an Elites choice.

The Goffik Rokkerz are the epitome of the Goff clan’s ideas of Orkiness. With the aid of their Jammer guitars they prove to be a major morale booster to an Ork warband. More than a few opponents have lost a battle by underestimating the power these ‘waargh’ channelers possess.

Mob: The mob consists of 3-5 Rokkerz.

Weapons: Slugga, 'Jammer' guitar.


Fearless: Rokker boyz receive a rush from the Waargh energy coursing through their bodies. This sense of invulnerabilty makes the Goffik Rokkerz immune to Psychology and Leadership based tests.

"WAARGH" Zone: The Goffik Rokkerz create a 12" zone around themselves that seriously disrupts psykers and psychic powers that fall within it. Any psychic power attempted to be used within or targeted at models in this area, will be nullified on a D6 roll of 4+. Due to the violent nature of the ‘Waargh’ waves that roll off the Goffik Rokkerz, no teleporting is allowed within the ‘Waargh’ Zone.

Weirdboyz: Ork Weirdboyz within 12" of the Goffik Rokkerz are also affected by the Waargh power. They cannot use use any of their powers while in the zone. This is because the Weirdboy is too busy ‘eadbangin’ to the Goffik Rok!

Goffs: Any Skarboyz in the zone are whipped up into a frenzy. Their WS is increased by +l but they are not capable of firing any ranged weapons due to the hyper-activity. They must charge any enemy in range, and gain +1A in the first round of close combat.

Other Orks: Any other Orks in the zone are also affected. Their WS is increased by +l and they may not fire any ranged weapons.

Da Jammer: The Jammer is a special device which allows the Goffik Rokkerz to channel the ‘WAARGH’. When the Goffik Rokkerz are engaged in hand-to-hand combat the Jammer can be gripped by the neck and wielded like an axe. The energy running through the head means it acts just like a power weapon. Unfortunately, using the Jammer in this manner wrecks the delicate components that allow it to be used to channel the Waargh. This means that if any or all the Goffik Rokkerz are engaged in hand-to-hand combat they will lose the special Waargh zone for the rest of the battle.

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