Fahr Gub

Mad Mek Fireboy

Fahr Gub lahks burny melty fings, so he's constintly 'speer'mentin' wif flamaz, plashmaz, an' meltaz. He juz lahks ta' burn fings.

"But Bozz, I'z juz 'speer'mentin'!"
"I don'tz cahr if'n youz wuz, I'z cuhn't affoad da' teefz yo' miztakez cozd!"
"But Bozz, but Bozzzz! It juz a zmall foat I burn down!"
"Youz idjit! Dat wuz mah 'ome! An' allz me teefz wuz in it!"
"But Bozz, youz gotz plentee mo'! Juz letz me kall da' Dok....."
"Youz bleedin' idjit! Ah'll 'ave da' Dok pull yoo'z teef!"
"But Bozz, Bozz, the scocha' wok'd fahn, it juz needz a little bitza' fahn tunin'....."
"If I'z seez youz agen, YOU'Z'LL need zum 'fahn tunin'!'"
(As the young Mek walked off into the sunset, leaving a flaming trail behind him, he was heard to say, "Burnz, burnz, burnz, me lahkz tooz burnz......")


Profile Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Fahr Gub 85 4 2 4 4 2 3 3 8 4+

Wargear: Slugga, Fahr Gub'z Burna' (counts as a skorcha), 'eavy armour, Da' Burna' Field.

Grot Assistants: Fahr Gub may be accompanied by up to four Grot Orderlies. Fahr Gub's Grot Orderlies may be given mini-burnaz (Rng: 6", S4, AP6, Assault 1).

Any army that Fahr Gub is part of may have one unit of Burna Boyz.  Fahr Gub may lead this unit, but this is the only unit he can lead.

Da' Burna' Field

Da' Burna' Field is one of Fahr Gub's stranj 'venshuns. Da' Burna' Field gives Fahr Gub a 4+ invulnerable save versus all attacks with a Strength value. If the field saves in close combat, the opponent will take a S4 hit on a d6 roll of 6. Normal armour saves apply.

Fahr Gub's Burna'

Da' Burna' has the same stats as a skorcha, but is much smaller, not that much bigger than a flamer, and so can move *and* fire.

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