New Space Marine Sprues


My new Space Marine Battleforce arrived today.  The pictures on eBay do the new sprues little justice, so I placed the sprues on my scanner and below you have the resulting images.  I'll be chopping these guys from the sprues tonight to put together the beginning of a new Space Marine army, which will probably have in-progress shots up in a few weeks.

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New Space Marines


New Space Marine boxed sets are being released with the release of the new codex.  It's hard to keep track of all of these different model images, so we've collected them all for you here in this one place.

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Games Day Atlanta Report


This really needs no explanation.  It's the GD Atlanta 2005 report, complete with pictures.  Check it out!

Games Day Atlanta 2005 Report

Space Marine Players Get the Drop on Their Opponents at Seattle GT


A half dozen Space Marine players showed up at the Seattle Grand Tournament with drop-podding armies.  The armies met with mixed success, but the effect of watching their opponent's army deep strike into the battle in a tournament resulted in some unhappy gamers.  Drop pods are now the subject of much debate, and it will be interesting to note whether GW keeps them around in tournaments.
New Tyranids on the Way!


The new Tyranids are coming!  Here is a list from Alliance Games' site.  Click the links to see images.
GAW 51-01-N Warhammer 40k: Tyranid Codex $20.00
GAW 67-37 Warhammer 40k: Tyranid Army Set $225.00
GAW 51-06-N Warhammer 40k: Tyranid Genestealers Boxed Set $30.00
GAW 51-07-N Warhammer 40k: Tyranid Warriors $35.00
GAW 51-08-N Warhammer 40k: Tyranid Gaunts $35.00
GAW 51-09-N Warhammer 40k: Tyranid Hive Tyrant $40.00
GAW 51-12-N Warhammer 40k: Tyranid Battleforce $115.00
GAW 51-38-N Warhammer 40k: Tyranid Lictor $30.00
GAW 51-42-N Warhammer 40k: Tyranid Tyrant Guard $15.00

The Tyranid army boxed set contains:

6 Warriors
32 Gaunts
8 Genestealers
3 Raveners
1 Zoantrope
1 Hive Tyrant
1 Limited Edition Lictor
1 Codex

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