All Questions Answered by Gav Thorpe!


Q: I've heard a lot of talk about head shots and groin shots. People have even recreated the character sheet which contains the Hit Location Table. Yet I haven't heard anyone mention Left Arm shots.

It seems as if there is a small typo on the Hit Location table listed on the character sheet in the game. According to that sheet the left arm gets hit 25% of the time! While the right arm only gets hit 5% of the time.

I propose that the hit location table should look like this:

01-15 Right Leg
16-30 Left Leg
31-35 Groin
36-50 Right Arm
51-65 Left Arm
66-80 Abdomen
81-95 Chest
96-00 Head

A: This is correct, a last minute alteration of the location rolls meant that the tables in the book are wrong. The ones you have below are the correct ones.

Q: Hi there Gav (Thorpe that is), a quick question. Why on earth do Flamers require a to hit roll?! Surely they would automatically hit. I can't imagine even the most cac handed mutant failing to hit with such a weapon. Your thoughts on the subject would be much appreciated.

A: For two reasons. Firstly, actually aiming a flamethrower at at a particular person or area isn't the easiest thing to do, especially if the target is moving. Secondly, although GMs and players are the ultimate arbiters of fairness, I wanted most weapons to have advantages and disadvantages.

Q: In the entry for Space Marine characters in states that:

"All Space Marines wear Power Armour with 3 points of additional ceremite ablative armour on the chest, legs and arms. All Space Marine Power Armour has a built-in Comm-Link. Most Space Marine Armour also incorperates full Auto-senses and a Re-breather, plus a de-tox injector with 5 doses."

Does this mean that all Marines automatically come with this equipment? Or do you have to equip it as normal? And, does it count toward their total equipment they can carry???

A: This is 'standard' Space Marine power armour, including helmet. Obviously, power armour is lovingly hand crafted and so varies from suit to suit, as do the abilities of Space Marines themselves depending on their geneseed (you might create one who can't spit acid for example, but is faster). It's hard to imagine a Space Marine without his power armour in a game.

Q: On a (kind of) related note, does a power armour helmet  count as armour 6 (for a full face helm) or 10 (for being power  armour)?

A: It would be a closed helm, so 6 points.

Q: "If a character is performing normal actions before a Risky action... then these actions are completely successful before the Risky action fails. If the player doesn't pass enough action rolls to reach the Risky action.. there is no additional downside - the character simply performs the number of normal actions allowed."
So, for example...
Inquisitor Bob wants to move, aim and shoot his plasma gun twice. He has speed 5. He rolls his action dice and gets 4,5,4,1,1. This means he has enough actions to shoot the weapon (3 successes, Move, aim and shoot), but has fumbled with the weapon, therefore not shooting and instead rolling on the chart or asking the GM what happens. If he had rolled 4,5,3,1,1 there would have been no fumble, because he only scored enough successes to move and aim, not to shoot. Provided he gets at least two successes he will always be able to move and aim, even if he does roll more 1's than 6's.

I'm pretty sure that's right, but I'm pretty sure other people could explain it better.

A: That's it. Basically you can't mess up an action you wouldn't normally be allowed to perform due to your Action dice roll - how can your plasma gun malfunction if you don't have time to fire it?

Q: Am I missing something or is dodge too easy compared with parry? If you  parry then you get a penalty/bonus for you weapon length (who said size   isn't important?), a weapon penalty and halve your Ws each time you parry.
To dodge you just get a 20% bonus. That seems to make dodging way too easy.  The only down side is that you don't get an opportunity to strike back.
Another thing. Am I right in thinking that successive dodges don't suffer the halved Ws penalty like a parry?

A: Dodge gives you no chance to counter-attack, but is relatively easier than parrying. You do still suffer the cumulative effect to your WS.

Q: How much damage does unarmed combat do?

According to the injury section, it does d3+1 for Strength bonus (or  similarly confusing words to that effect) and there are many ways that  it could be read:
a) d3+1 damage, +1 for every full 10 points of Strength above 50
b) d3 damage, +1 for every full 10 points of Strength above 50
c) d3+1 damage for every full 10 points of Strength above 50

A: Answer b



Q: I heard that there will be more releases for the Inquisitor game thru fanatic, but are there plans to release, say blister packs of heads/arms/weapons and the such? Not so much the ones that are out there with the current minis now or the future ones, but new sculpts?

A: We wanted to avoid generic miniatures, it goes against the whole concept that Inquisitor is character-based with roleplaying elements. However, there are some nice Guardsmen which I believe Fanatic will begin to release later in the year.

Q: How many Marine based models will there be Will there be any with Power Fists? And will we be able to order separate pieces from mail order?

A: At present we're working out which additional bits Jes will be producing for the Space Marines. As with everything, all individual components are available from UK mail order (not sure about US).

Q: Sorry if you've already answered this but are there any plans to release other races for Inquisitor.

A: There will be an alien bounty hunter (Krashrak the Stalker from the piece of fiction in the book) and undoubtedly some other things, but no definite plans as yet.

Q: Hhmmm I wonder if Gav means the dog faced guy on the left....

A: Yep, that's the fella.

Q: I might just try to sculpt a Nocturnal Warrior of the Hrud (Space-Skaven?).
Are they mentioned anywhere in the rules? How about any other "aliens"?

A: I would like to cover aliens in Fanatic's forthcoming Exterminatus magazine, with stuff gathered together from different places.