by Paul

Inquis Maledictus

Alternative Lascannon

In gaming terms I would use the lascannon that already exists and make it a mining laser (can be fitted to Pit Slaves) and reduce it's range to Range C. The replacement Lascannon is as follows

Las Weapon:  LasCannon
Type Heavy
Range K* see below
Mode Single
Acc -15
Dam 8D10
Shots 20
Rld 10
Wt 90
Range K
1-5 -100
6-10 -90
11-15 -80
16-20 -70
21-25 -55
26-30 -40
31-35 -30
36-40 -20
41-45 -20
46-50 -15
51-55 -10
56-60 -10
61-65 -5
66-70 0
71+ 0

Lascannons are armour piercing, tank busting pieces of equipment never designed to be used at close range, let alone be anit-personnel weapons. The scope attached to the weapon is at such a high magnification that tracking a target at closer than 60 yards is nigh on impossible. The slightest movement and you have effectively zoomed straight past your intended target.


Land mines
(one shot piece of equipment)

You can choose from anti-personnel(frag), Tanglefoot or anti-armour(melta) landmines. Your character is only equipped with enough to cover a small area, say a doorway, a corridor between buildings or some such area (GM's discretion). This should be done in secret with the GM so that your opponent is unaware of the exact location until it's far too late. Landmines may only be places on ground level and will automatically go off as soon as someone enters the area.

Landmine AP Tanglefoot AA
Range 0 0 0
Area 4Yrd 4Yrd 2Yrd
Blast 4 * -
Dam 2D6 * D3+20
Shots 1 1 1
Rld - - -
Wt 5 12 15

* = see tanglefoot grenade P82 in main rulebook.


Hand Grapnel

This is a small belt attachment containing a large reel of microfiber with an electromagnet attached to the end. It has many uses including securing yourself to a building to aid in the case of falling from a building or for swinging greater distances than can be jumped.

To aid in falling
A character may spend 1 action placing the magnet at their feet and activating it. If they are knocked over and currently fall off the edge of a building the line will slowly reel out until they stop descending, cutting the damage from the drop. In game terms this means they will still fall, but divide the distance by 3 when working out damage.

The character may attempt to absail down a building with the grapnel. He must spend 1 turn locking it to the decking as normal but may then proceed to absail down the building at crawling rate raking no damage for falling... because he isn't ;)

The "Indy" Move
This involves attempting to throw the grapnel at a higher object and swing across any intervening gaps. This may be combined with a sprinting action to jump across a gap. Treat the grapnel as a grenade for throwing it, it will automatically lock on if it hits.

To jump across and gain any benefit of it's extra reach you must spend the action before the jump sprinting, you will gain an extra D6 yards. If you fail there is an 80% chance of the grapnel realising that you are falling and aid you as above.

Firing the grapnel
The grapnel head itself is about the size and shape of a grenade. 1 action may be spent placing it into a grenade launcher and fired as a normal grenade taking advantage of the extra range offered.


Hotshot Laser Powerpack

The hotshot powerpacks are Imperial commando issue equipment for increasing the effectiveness of the cheap, bulk order Las weaponry given to the Imperial Guard. This pack clips along the side of the barrel and adds an extra focusing lens across the front for an increased intensity of the laser.

The hotshot pack adds D6 to the damage score of Laspistols, any mark Lasgun and the Long rifle.