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List Definition and Rules

Overview of the List:

The Inquisitor Mailing List was created for the discussion of Inquisitor and all aspects of the game, including, but not limited to, the rules, the models, fiction, new rules, rumours, science fiction, technology, etc.

General Attitude of the List:

The general attitude of the list is light-hearted, with the (un)occasional joke or comment made in jest. However, certain types of jokes or comments can be offensive to some and should not be made on the list. For a listing of these types of jokes, see below in the "Do Not Discuss or Post:" section.

Where to Send Messages

-To subscribe, send a blank message to:
-To post a message, send it to:
-To unsubscribe, send a blank message to:
-To send a message to the owner of the list, send it to:

Games Workshop Employees and Intellectual Property

There may at times be some Games Workshop employees monitoring this mailing list. They are here to help the members of the list, and they should be treated with the courtesy and respect they deserve.
Games Workshop's Intellectual Property Rights Policy is posted at the official Games Workshop website, and should be read by everyone, especially those with websites of their own. The URL for the Intellectual Property policy is:


Please limit inclusions (the amount of material left in a message that you are responding to) to only what is needed to be able to understand the thread. This is to help cut down on bandwidth usage so that the list is easier to read for everyone.

The Golden Rule of the List

Be courteous to each other at all times! Do not say something to other members of the list or about other members of the list that you would not want said about you. Remember that what may not offend you may offend someone else.

Do Not Discuss or Post:

(The following list is included so that the list can stay friendly and enjoyable for all. Though some people may consider themselves "thick-skinned" and able to take such jokes, etc., there are others who do not feel that such jokes and comments are appropriate, and thus the following list is included in the interest of avoiding conflict for the good of the entire list.)
-Jokes about another member's country, region, state, city, nationality, religion, race, grammar, spelling, or anything else that could be considered insulting.
-Comments cutting down either the authors of the game, the sculptors of the models, or Games Workshop.
-Comments saying that an army/troop/character/whatever is cheesy.  If you think something is unbalanced, bring it up as a civil discussion - you might even learn an easy way to beat it!

Who's Who on the Inquisitor List

Erik Setzer - List Administrator/Moderator
Tom Setzer - Co-Owner/Moderator

Gav Thorpe - Game Designer

Informative Sites

(Below is a list of informative sites that are useful to all of the members of the list.)
The official Games Workshop website:
The official Inquisitor website:
The Realm of Inisfail (has a lot of information about the Warhammer 40,000 Universe)
Astral Projections (the official site of the list)
Games Workshop's Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Material Posted to the List

If you post material to this list, it becomes the property of yourself,, and the entire list (the only exception is material posted by Games Workshop Ltd., in which case only can claim partial ownership).  This has been placed in here to prevent arguments over ownership of anything posted to the list.  If you think this rule is unfair, build yourself a site with your material and post the URL instead of the actual material.
Please note that though this means that anything posted to the list is fair game for people to place on their own websites, it is just good netiquette to ask permission before posting another's work to your own website.  Anyone who posts material on their site against the wishes of its author will be asked to work out a resolution with the author, or be removed from the mailing list.

Messages Posted by Games Workshop

Any messages posted by Games Workshop are not subject to flaming.  They should be read and regarded as extremely important by anyone.  Any Intellectual Property rules, etc. posted by Games Workshop should be paid attention to and followed by all members of the list.


If you have any questions, comments, or complaints about the above, about another list member, or about the list in general, I can be contacted at


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