Jalfrei 7

by Paul

Inquis Maledictus

Jalfrei 7

Located on the edge of the known Imperium, Jalfrei 7 is a small inhabited planet not unlike our own. About 8 millenia ago a group of colonists landed on this lush planet, hoping to expand the Imperial territories. 70% water with vast land masses covered in vegitation, minerals and food with no visible sentient life to compete with, life for the colonists was far from harsh for many years.

The local wildlife was, on the whole vegetarian, with a few large bipedal carniverous creatures, Kar'teth, as the only real threat to human life. All this created a more enlightened, peaceful society dedicated to study of the surrounding star systems, charting them for later colonisation and studying the cultures found on them.

Being so distant from the Core gave them some level of leway from central governing so research slowly veered towards the genetic makeup and creating a healthier, fitter genepool for humanity without the need for implanting a geneseed.

Whilst investigating a desolated moon in the neighbouring system the colonists unearthed the wreckage of a large, unpowered alien spacecraft. Onboard there was nothing organic, not even a bone or piece of fabric. Placed in alcoves around the craft were damaged or destroyed silver skeleton like robots. The content of the ship was slowly moved to Jalfrei 7 where the scientists proceeded to investigate these strange devices. One colonist, Dr Grann, managed to access the central core of one computer system salvaged from the wreck and somehow triggered a distress call... not long after the skies darkened with the arrival of a Necron scout ship.

War ensued...

It soon became clear to the locals that for all their prowess they were helpless to overcome these mechanical beings that could negate their technology so easily. The only thing that they could do was to harness the Kar'teth and bio-engineer them into beasts of war and fight back with something that couldn't be drained of energy. The only other successful retaliation was from their inquisitor lord and his psychic powers, but one day in battle their lord was ambushed and massacred along with his entire bodyguard.

Long debates ensued between those utterly devout to the Imperium and those wishing desperately to survive... in the end all agreed. The gene to allow psykers was isolated and grafted with the toughest of their surviving warriors.

Wave after wave of Necrons arrived, each time beaten back by the valiant defenders until one day it was decided to sever their connection to the outside universe and a warpstorm was created around the planet, killing a majority of the population on the planet and driving the rest back millenia technology wise. The Necron Wars had allowed most technology to decay and become completely useless, star travel became impossible and the sudden death of many keepers loosed bio-engineered war beasts into the wild.

Many millenia passed with the remaining settlers hunting down the wild beasts and the remaining enclaves of Necrons, alien technology was adapted to fit human hands and turned against their creators and never once did their faith in the Emperor waiver. This unending faith and the ever watchful eye of the local clergy kept the settlement free of the taint of chaos almost completely as the level of psychers slowly increased. Occasionally someone would begin to show the signs of taint, but these were quickly dealt with as one side effect of the genetic engineering had been something akin to a merged emotional conciousness. Actual thought remains secret, but general emotions were plain to feel.

The warpstorm was finally brought under control after millenia of research and experimentation and traders have begun to bring imperium technology back to the planet.

Unfortunately it has also brought the attention of the inquisition.

Even though they are completely loyal subjects and have had no outbreaks of Chaos posessions they are rogue psykers and must be destroyed!


Jalfrei Citizens

For stat lines use Civilian, Imperial Guard (being worked on ATM), Imperial guard veterans and the priests but the mutations that have taken place amongst the Jalfei since the start of the war means that they are all Wyrds and will have one power each. (During the war only about 50% would have been psychically active, so depending upon what time area you are playing in you will need to decide if they are or not.)

Equipment wise the Jalfrei are fairly technologically backward and should be limited to common equipment if they are on their homeworld. If they have travelled with Rogue traders and Inquisitors they will be able to have any equipment.

Visually the Jalfrei are normal humans.


Jalfrei Equipment

This equipment classes as common for the Jalfrei, but Alien to anyone else.

Crystalline Distruptor
The Disruptor is a long rifle that fires shards of magnetically charged crystal. Once embeded in the target this crystal interferes with any electronic signals on the person, cutting comms equipment, remote links to guns and cyber animals for D3 actions. In robots it disrupts the internal communications and stuns the machine for D3 actions. Power armour is also affected to a slightly lesser extent, it cuts the power completely to all systems and reduces movement to 1 yard per action for D3 turns.

Type Basic
Range I
Mode Single
Acc -5
Dam D3 *(see special rules above)
Shots 6
Rld (2)
Wt 35

Corrosion grenade
This grenade contains a salty liquid that when it comes into contact with metal begins to eat into it and weakens joints.

Any armour hit by this loses one point from each location permenantly and gums up joints slowing robots and power armour by 1 yard per action. It has no real effect on humans or other equipment.



Instead of bionics the Jalfrei have developed a form of biological replacements for lost limbs, lungs, eyes and ears. These replacements are no better than the original body parts, but they are no worse either. When fitting them in a campaign there is a 20% chance of body rejection.


Monsters can be used by the GM to add flavour to the game. Imagine two warbands fighting it out and this huge beast comes blundering through the bushes wndering what all that noise was that disturbed it's sleep. Complete chaos, death and destruction... maybe.



When the colonists arrived on Jalfrei 7 their one true competitor came from the Kar-Teth. These beasts are part reptilian in appearance and bipedal with long, human like arms and hands. Being carniverous predators they were also rather well known for their sharp teeth and strength.

During the Necron War on Jalfrei, the scientists and hunters managed to capture and mutate these beasts that could be ridden into war and be relied upon to go for the largest concentration of metal on the battlefield (namely the Necrons).

During the creation of the Warp storm many of the human population died and some Kar-Teth escaped into the wilderness, hunting Necron and human alike. Their un-natural craving for metal occasionally leads them to attack a settlement in search of nourishment.

The Kar-Teth carry no equipment (Though if/when rules for mounts are written the Kar-Teth can become mounts) and must have a Jalfrei warior nearby at all times otherwise it will move randomly unless attacked or within 30 yards of a large quantity of metal (carapace armour (and above) and heavy weapons count as large quantities of metal)

Kar-Teth Random
WS 50 40+2D10
BS 10 3D6
S 110 95+3D10
T 60 45+2D10
I 40 30+3D6
WP 60 50+2D10
SG 10 3D6
NV 100 80+3D10
LD 15 2D10+D6