by Paul

Inquis Maledictus

Not the most common of choices for a fight I'd imagine, but occasionally as a GM you may want a group of civilians to either slow down your players, or just add some general interest to the game as the teams mow down hordes of innocent civilians.

Another use for these stat lines are for general, run of the mill cultists that aren't going to be particularly well versed in the art of combat. Either way there's very little chance of a civilian coming across anything larger than a stub pistol or a crow bar, if indeed they are armed at all.

Civilian Random
WS 30 2D10+D6
BS 35 4D10
S 30 25+D10
T 40 30+2D10
I 40 32+2D10
WP 40 30+2D10
SG 30 25+D10
NV 30 25+D10
LD 25 6D6

Some ideas for their use :

Riots in the Streets
The imperial govenor isn't the most popular of men at the moment. An unconfirmed rumour has started to spread amongst the local populace of the city that he has raised taxes far above Imperium standard inflation to cover his own military build-up. The Arbites have taken control of the city and incarcerated the Govenor until the system's Judge arrives to take control of the situation, but the citizens want blood now...

One side has 4 Enforcers/Arbites and must defend the building at the center of the table, the other side takes 10 citizens equipped with piping, chains and the occasional stub pistol, they *really* want into the Govenor's prison to lynch him.

Bar Room Brawl
Set up the table like it is a large bar (fairly small table though, 1x1?) with tables, chairs and a bar. randomly place all the characters in the bar, someone spilt my pint!! Bar Fight!

The Barman may choose to enforce a no guns policy in his establishment to make life more interesting as people use fists and improvised weapons like chairs and bottles.

This would make for a rather interesting multi player game for conventions or introduction games if each person controls only one character. I'd suggest only letting people take one type of character i.e. all citizens or all mutants, otherwise it will become silly as the space marine smashes skulls left, right and center.

Come back here!
As an Inquisior it's your duty to track down these vile scum, no matter where they run.

Set up the table as normal, but place crowds of unarmed citizens around the board. One of the players must escape from the board without being caught by the second player's team. For added interest you could make it so that one player has no problem mowing down innocent civilians, but the other suffers terribly (i.e. no XP or negative standing*)

* Standing
This is something that could be played around with at a later date. Not entirely certain how this would work in game terms but would be useful if you were to make this a more roleplaying experience and involve actually talking to people