Additional Skills

by Stephen Pearson

Here are some more skills for your games of Inquisitor. They are the skills left in Necromunda that haven't already been used that still have a use in Inquisitor. I am also working on the remaining wyrd powers that can be used in Inquisitor. They are written as bare bones, I haven't had chance to add the fluff yet. Any comments especially on jump back and marksman would be appreciated.

Additional Skills

Jump Back – Can move to arms length for free. Or can double chances of leaving combat. (unsure which)

Disarm – Instead of counter attacking they can choose to disarm the opponent. If they can pass an initiative test they remove the weapon from the hand that just attacked them and if they don’t wish to use it, it scatters D6 yards in a random direction away from the combat.

Parry – Can ignore the parry penalty of the weapon

Counter attack – Can always counter attack after a successful parry if they can pass an initiative test.

Step Aside – +40% to chances of dodging, instead of +20%.

Impetuous – If they win combat they get a free movement of up to 4 yards.

Body Slam - +20% when charging instead of +10%

Crushing Blow – Double strength bonuses in close combat.

Head Butt – Exchange two hits for one with an extra +10% to the Hit location roll, exchange three hits for one with an extra +20% to the to hit roll, exchange four hits for a single hit with an extra +30% to the to hit roll, etc.

Crack Shot – Can re-roll a to hit dice once per turn. (Cannot re-roll a natural 96-100).

Fast shot – Can shoot as many time per action as (speed/5)+1. Follow rules for firing on semi auto.

Marksman – +20% to chances of passing a Nerve test if another target comes in line of sight when aiming. Or  +20% for each action spent aiming instead of +10%. (unsure which)

Rapid Fire – If character hasn’t moved this turn they can fire twice per action instead of once.

Evade – There is an extra –20% to hit the character if within 20 yards, and an extra –10% to hit if character is more than 20 yards away (note its either –20% or –10% not -30% at long range)

Sneak Up – -20% to chances of them being spotted. 

Flight – Character can fly. Movement up cost double whist movement down cost half. (i.e. to fly up at run speed you would get up 3yards and to fly down at a sprint speed you could fly 20 yards)