May 7, 2001

Webway Update Newsletter: May 7, 2001

The new format is coming along nicely, with all the bugs we've come across thoroughly stomped upon. So without any further babbling, here's this week's report on what's hot with Games Workshop and the website. There's a bit of something for everyone in here so read on!



Rules for Kragg the Grim

He's an old school Dwarf back for more in 6th edition format. Look out Old World!


Coverage of the Chicago Grand Tournament

Grand Tournaments are always an amazing showcase of modeling, painting, generalship, and an all-round good time. Check out what went down this past weekend as our traveling web reporter Rich Curren brings us the hot scoop on Chi-town! Here's a brief list of who won what in Chicago:

40K: Overall-Matthew Green. Best Appearance-Brian Hotovec. Best Sportsman-Bryan Bledsoe. Best Selection-Adam Catt. Best Army-Shawn Kilgore. Player's Choice-Joe Orteza.

Warhammer: Overall-Paul Vinton. Best Appearance-Glenn Harris. Best Sportsman-Eric Soulvie. Best Selection-Nathan Kay. Best Army-David Pauwels. Player's Choice-David Pauwels.

Games Day Tickets are now on sale. There are still tickets available for the Warhammer Rogue Trader Tournament happening at this year's Games Day, but hurry, tickets are going fast, Warhammer 40,000 is already sold out.



- Grave Guard and Command

Grave Guard are long dead heroes who are tied to the lands of the living by strong Necromantic magic. In ages past, the men of the Old World buried their dead beneath mounds of earth and stone, together with their battle gear and worldly wealth. Some powerful vampires command entire regiments of these ancient warriors, who terrorize the living with powerful weapons of cold iron, know as Wight Blades. As the Grave Guard walk towards the enemy with evil intent, these warriors are accompanied by the distant and ghostly sounds of trumpets and a whisper of dreadful challenges. The source of these phantom noises could issue from the Grave Guard Command, powerful undead warriors lead these dread footsoldiers of the Vampire Counts into battle.

- Citadel Journal #43

The Citadel Journal is Games Workshop's very own bi-monthly fanzine, with great new articles, illustrations, house rules and scenarios by Games Workshop's most dedicated fanatics - YOU!!! Here's some of what's in the new issue: Imperial Armor Q&A, Gotrek and Felix rules, Rapier Laser Destroyer, Maximillian Weissemann's Baneblade.

- Kragg the Grim

He's back! Kragg is armed with the finest weapons that a Runesmith can fashion. His great hammer, which he forged when he was a young Master Runesmith, bears Kragg's own hidden and secret rune. The old Dwarf is jealous of his lore and protective of his reputation and so far he has not shared the secret of his master rune with any of his apprentices, so only he may use it. Perhaps some day the master will teach it to his successor, but so far he has not found a Runesmith worthy enough to inherit his knowledge.



- New Poll: GW and board games? Which would you like to see made!

- Defense!: A new scenario that features all the terrain from the myriad of instructional Defense! Articles

- Zombie Madness: All the zombie action you can handle!



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