Warhammer Fantasy Battles 7th Edition Boxed Set Mock Up

Ork Big Mek; Games Day Demon Slayer; Cities of Death Mock-Up; Grey Giant.

Converted Chaos Giant; Converted Giant; Nurgle Daemon Prince

Giant and Tau Pirahna Sprues; Loads of new Dwarfs

Forest Goblin Spider Riders; Tau Pirahna

Lucius the Eternal; WFB7 Plastic Dwarfs (from the box); New Dwarfs (Doomseeker and Slayer?)

Loads of new releases - Vostroyans, Shadowsun, Sniper Scouts, and the Giant.

Sniper Scouts, Eldar Platform, Big Mek; More of the same; Sniper Scout sprues.

Imperial Armour 4: The Anphelion Project

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