A Showcase of Jerry Doyle's Figs

Copyright  2000 by Artist: Jerry Doyle

jerry-doyle-bo-big-shoota.JPG (18297 bytes)

Boy with Big Shoota

jerry-doyle-bo-dread.JPG (59290 bytes)


jerry-doyle-bo-nob.JPG (24774 bytes)


jerry-doyle-bo-slugga-1.JPG (22616 bytes)

Slugga Boy

jerry-doyle-bo-slugga-2.JPG (15527 bytes)

Slugga Boy

jerry-doyle-heavy-battlewagon.JPG (53166 bytes)

Heavy Battlewagon

jerry-doyle-mounted-snakebite-nobz.JPG (50504 bytes)

Mounted Snakebite Nobz

jerry-doyle-warboss-gargnob.JPG (57873 bytes)

Warboss Gargnob

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