The Emerald Dragon Award Winners

This award is given to those sites that have shown excellence in design and content.
You do not have to have a huge site to win this award, just one that is well thought-out and planned.

Farseer Mike's Khl'ra Craftworld
A truly great Eldar site!

Kaptin Gavrin's Web Site
A great Ork and IG site with the most popular GW Chat Room on the Web!

Stream of Corruption
An excellent Chaos site and the home of Papa Nurgle and his caustic wit!

The Old World
Lots of Warhammer material, a very good site!

The Infinity Circuit
Contains several good army books, really looks good!

The University of Altdorf
What can you say about THE Warhammer site?

A very nice Space Wolf site! Woof!

The Shrine of Asuryan
For all you High Elf players, a very good site!

General Verwirrung's Stronghold
Another truly great Warhammer site that everyone should visit!

THE Source for Wargaming Terrain!

The Order of Chaos
A very nice Chaos site!

The Astronomicon: The Sites of Kaare Rud Flarup
Lots of useful information here and some good fiction!

Bilro's Page
Lots of great graphics, MIDIs, Tolkien information, and Celtic information!

PAKage Home Page
A great looking site ran by Orion-kin and Skavenwolf!

A great Epic 40K site!

Ancient Warriors BBS Home Page
Home of the GuildNet Web Ring!

Rotkop, an Ork Village
An Orky site by Erik Floderus, with Codex: Ork Piratez.

Aaron Tunney's BLITZKRIEG!
This site contains some really creative use of graphics, Java, and JavaScript.

Warhammer 40,000 Battle Sims
A much improved site!

A very nice Warhammer site!

Tallarn Home World
A good Imperial Guard site.

The Squat Pitt
THE Place for all fans of the Stunties!

Nanio Studio, Home of Dave 'Squig-Brain' Handy!
Some really cool Orks and images!!!!!!!!!!!

The Paint Pot
Some very good advice and instructions on painting miniatures! And it's great looking, too!

Battlefields of Armageddon
A site for Imperial Loyalists, with new troops types, special characters, and conversions! A very nice site!

The Outpost
A beautiful Imperial Guard site with some very good use of graphics!

Pain's Unholy Ground
A dark and moody 40K site for Chaos!

The Great City of Tor Elyr
A very nice Warhammer FB site!

BoneMaster's Warhammer Page
A home for Necromancers! A very nice site!

The Necromantic Archives
A site for Undead, with some truly great graphics and backgrounds!

Captain Stern's Warhammer 40,000 Site
A well designed and executed 40K site!

Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader Online
The place to visit for Rogue Trader fans!

The Devil's Playground
A very good Chaos and Dark Eldar site!

Drunken Dwarves
Good layout and navigation!

J. Michael Tisdel's 40K Site
40K Imperialist Site!

The White Tower Centre of Knowledge
An excellent Warhammer site!

The Library of Knowledge
Excellent design and graphics!

T. Rat's Warhammer Tournament Page
An excellent collection of Tournament armies, tactics, and rules for WHFB!

A'Hara's Skavensite
A beautiful Skaven site, with material by many of the best Skaven players!

The Laitus Prime Tribune
THE Epic site, including material for both Epic Space Marine and Epic 40,000!

Liber Imperialis
Another great Epic site!

Rogue Trader Cult
A very good site with nostalgic information from Rogue Trader days, and a humorous look at the 41st Millenium.

Bob Lippman's Strategic Headquarters
A very good WHFB site, with good modelling articles!

Best of the WHFB List
This is the place you can find an archive of the best articles posted to the Direwolf WarhammerFB mailing list!

Project: Dropship
A group of Epic enthusiasts joining their material together on the Web. A very well laid out site.

The Blood of Eldanesh
The finest GW art and miniature painting you will find on the Web!

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