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Games Workshop's trademarks are:

Armageddon, Blood Bowl, Chivalry, Citadel, the Citadel logo, Dark Angels, Dark Future, Deathwing, Dungeonquest, 'Eavy Metal, Eldar, Eldar Attack, Epic, the Games Workshop logo, Games Workshop, the GW logo, The GW Flame logo, Genestealer, Slottabase, Space Fleet, Space Hulk, Space Marine, Talisman, Tyranid, Warhammer and Warmaster. Marauder is a registered trademark of Marauder Miniatures Ltd. Used with permission.

Adepta Sororitas, Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Mechanicus, Aekold Helbrass, Amon 'Chakai, Arbaal, Archaon, Archon, Aspect Warrior, Avatar, Azazel, Banna Waver, Battlefleet Gothic, Black Library, Blood Angels, Blood Dragon, Bloodletter, Bloodthirster, Cadian, Catachan, Celestian, Champions of Chaos, Codex, Count Mordrek, Culexus, Daemonette, Dark Eldar, Dark Reaper, Death Zone, Dechala, Digga, Digganob, Drachon, Dregmek Blitzkart, Egrimm van Horstmann, Eversor, Exarch, Eye of Terror, Falcon, Farseer, Fire Dragon, Fire Prism, Flesh Hound, Gargant, Gobbo, Golden Demon, Gorkamorka, Gorthor, Great Unclean One, Gretchin, Grey Knight, Grot, Haemonculus, Head Honcho, Hellion, Hunter Slayer, Immolator, Incubi, Inferno, Journal, Keeper of Secrets, Khazrak the One Eye, Khorne, Knights of the White Wolf, Knights Panther, Legion of the Damned, Leman Russ, Lichemaster, Lord of Change, Madboy, Mandrake, Man O' War, Marauder, Mekboy, Melkhior, Mordheim, Mordian, Necromunda, Necrarch, Necron, Nob, Nurgle, Nurgling, Obliterator, Ogryn, Old World, Ork, Painboy, Plaguebearer, Plague Fleet, Predator, Psyker, Raider, Raptor, Ratling, Ravager, Ravenwing, Rebel Grot, Red Gobbo, Scourge, Scyla, Sea of Blood, Sentinel, Servitor, Skaven, Slaanesh, Slann, Snot, Snotling, Space Wolves, Spanner, Squat, Squig, Striking Scorpion, Succubus, Swooping Hawk, Sybarite, Tallarn, Tears of Isha, Terminator, Troll Slayer, Tzeentch, Ultramarines, Valhalla, Valnir the Reaper, Vyper, Walach, Warhammer Quest, Weirdboy, White Dwarf, the White Dwarf figure, World Eaters, Wraithlord, Wych, Yoof and Zoanthrope. The Citadel paint pot is UK registered design No. 2073130. Scatter dice are UK registered design No. 2017484.

For a more complete, but not exhaustive, list of our trade marks check out the latest issue of White Dwarf magazine.

The above trade marks are trademarks of Games Workshop Limited. Used without permission. No challenge to their status is intended.

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