Vol. 1, Issue 2


The Boss: Ragnar

 The Editor: The Old Sage

The Typing Slave: E.T.



The Space Wolves valiantly defended their position in the sector, warding off the aliens.  On Corinth, the Dark Eldar assaulted the Space Wolves yet again, hoping to push them back further and gain more ground on the planet.  The Space Wolves knew well what tricks the Dark Eldar would try, however, and shot their foul Raiders from the sky in the opening minutes of the battle.  Forced to move forward on foot, the Dark Eldar were subjected to heavy punishing fire from the Space Wolf lines.  The Archon was able to get into hand to hand combat with his retinue, felling the mighty Bjorn with his agonizer, but it was all just an act of frustration, as there was no way the Dark Eldar would win the day.  The Archon and his kabal left Corinth, making plans to return and punish the Space Wolves for their defiance.

The Tyranids came next, moving forward from their own position on the planet.  The Space Wolves were able to maneuver around the Tyranids, however, keeping them from getting into combat where their skills could possibly best the Space Wolves'.  The swift Land Speeder was able to shrug off repeated weapons fire and lent cleansing fire to aid the Space Wolves in their path to victory.  The Tyranids did a heavy blow to the Space Wolves, preventing them from pursuing the creatures to their hive on Corinth.

Elsewhere on the planet, the Khornate Chaos Marines made their presence felt again, assaulting the Space Wolves after sensing a weakness from their repeated battles.  The Chaos Lord rampaged into the Space Wolf battle line, slaying the Wolf Lord and his Wolfguard.  Bjorn, freshly repaired, was blasted by the Chaos Predator's lascannon, crippling his iron body and leaving him helpless.  The battle was a rout, the Space Wolves having to fall back and return to a more defensible position.

To add to the Space Wolves' woes, Kaptin Gavrin performed a raid on Phalin.  The Space Wolves had set up a base of operations there, from which they could receive reinforcements and dispatch them throughout the sector.  The Orks fell upon them with unbridled fury, ripping into the Space Wolf lines with reckless abandon.  In the shadow of a mighty factory, a furious battle ensued, in which almost all of the Space Wolves and Orks were slaughtered.  Even Kaptin Gavrin, who marauded through the Space Wolves slaughtering many of them, suffered a heavy blow, and had to be carried from battle by his Nobz, who avenged the wound by destroying the Venerable Dreadnought.  The remainder of the Orks leapt onto their sole remaining trukk and quickly moved from the battlefield, leaving a very frustrated Wolf Priest in their wake.  No side could claim victory from the massacre.



Once healed from his battle with the Space Wolves, Kaptin Gavrin returned to Rolm, where the Codesters were being a major annoyance.  The Ork kult of speed had been doing a lot of damage to the beleaguered Space Marines, taking a heavy toll on their number and surrounding them.  The Codesters tried to break out of their position, moving quickly to launch a blitz straight through the Ork lines.  They didn't count on the Orks' warlord being in the battle, however.  Gavrin and his Nobz led the charge on the Codesters, ripping through many Marines with very few return casualties.  The Marine Razorbacks' weapons were blasted repeatedly by the Ork Tankbustas, destroying them completely.  The Codesters survivors, sensing that the day was lost, fell back to formulate a better plan.

Meanwhile, the Eldar of Craftworld Ahzi Dahaka arrived on Rolm, taking position around a set of planetary defense weapons.  Kaptin Gavrin heard of the new arrivals, and moved to drive them from the planet.  The Orks quickly hit the Eldar, slaughtering their Guardians quickly with firepower.  The arriving Seer Council was able to destroy a trukk and two of its inhabitants before Kaptin Gavrin and his nobz charged them and slaughtered them.  The late arriving Vyper Jetbike was able to do very little, and only managed to impale an Ork on its scythes before it was shot down.  With no Eldar survivors, the Orks moved on, taking a nearby jungle and converting it into an Ork cultivation center.

The Eldar fell back toward the Codesters' lines, and the Space Marines naturally reacted harshly to the sight of more aliens.  They launched their own assault on the Eldar, hoping to slay some aliens and make up for their earlier loss.  It was not to be, as the Eldar cut down many Space Marines with firepower and destroyed their vehicles swiftly.  Chaplain Tanis took his final vengeance, killing four Eldar in a matter of seconds before he was finally taken out of the fight.  The Codesters, having taking too many casualties to continue putting up a fight on any front, fell back to their fortress on Rolm and set about requesting reinforcements.


The Eldar of Anzi Dahaka launched an attack on their brethren from Alaitoc, apparently angered at them.  On Belem, the two forces met in a clash to the end.  The Dahaka Eldar could not beat the Alaitoc, however, though they put up a good showing.  The Seer Council assaulted the Alaitoc Wave Serpent after it was stunned by the Vyper Jetbike Vrtra's brightlance, destroying the vehicle's engines and sending it plowing into the ground.  With no way to pursue the fleeing Dahaka Eldar, the Alaitoc force remained in its position, content to watch their foes retreat.

The Tyranids also arrived on Belem, assaulting the wreckage of an Alaitoc starship they shot down.  The Tyranids did a lot of damage once they closed in and made contact with the Eldar forces.  A lone Hive Tyrant, badly wounded, charged into the Farseer and Warlocks, locking in combat with them for a very long time, trading blows with the Eldar.  Neither side could land a wounding blow on the other, and finally the Farseer and his Warlocks were forced to retreat with the rest of their heavily damaged force.  The Tyranids moved on to take a nearby town, using its genestock to create more Tyranids.

The Khornate Chaos Marines, always looking for more skulls to take, saw a situation they could take advantage of.  They came down upon the Alaitoc Eldar on Belem.  The Eldar were able to set up positions in time, firing hundreds of well placed sniper rifle shots into the Chaos Marines.  With their fellow traitors falling left and right, the Chaos Marines decided it was best to leave the area and return later with reinforcements.

Return they did, and quickly.  This time the Chaos Marines made a quick move to get into combat with the Eldar, where their strength and skill would overpower the Eldar.  They succeeded, slaughtering the Eldar as soon as they made contact.  Though the battle was swift once the Chaos Marines got into combat, it was hard on the traitors getting there.  Eldar starcannons poured fire into the Chaos Terminators, killing all of them before they were able to make an impact on the battle.  With the Eldar dead, the Chaos Marine survivors took control of a village, putting the people to work as slaves and recruiting the strongest to create more Marines.

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