Vol. 1, Issue 1


The Boss: Ragnar

 The Editor: The Old Sage

The Typing Slave: E.T.



Kaptin Gavrin, notorious Ork warlord, has entered Gladius Sector and seems to be ready to call it home.  His first incursion into the sector was repelled by the brave Codesters chapter of Space Marines, much to his chagrin.  The Codesters were notified in advance of the Orks' coming, and set up in prepared defensive positions to rain fire down upon the Orks.  When the Orks arrived, they were surprised to find a force of well equipped Space Marines waiting for them on Rolm.  The Codesters set upon the Orks with righteous fury, tearing into the boyz and leaving few alive.  Kaptin Gavrin made a quick escape, leaving the world and the spaceport the Orks had captured to the Codesters.  Special praise is given to the Codesters' armourers, whose work saved many Marine lives.

Kaptin Gavrin's warband next had a run in with some Tyranids from Hive Fleet Scylla.  In a night raid, the Orks assaulted the Tyranids' position on Lomm.  The Tyranids were surprised by the quick arrival of a Kult of Speed.  The Orks set upon the Tyranids quickly, and a very bloody fight ensued.  The Trukk Boyz and bikers were all wiped out, the trukks carrying the mobs rushing for cover from which they could snipe at the Tyranids.  Kaptin Gavrin and his retinue set upon a Hive Tyrant and a brood of Tyranid Warriors after tearing through a brood of Genestealers.  They were able to tear through the aliens quickly, at the loss of three Nobz.  But when the battle was over, only a lone Tyrant stood against the remainder of the Ork forces, and he wisely decided to return to the Hive Fleet.  The Orks gained control of the land the Tyranids had held, and began setting up a camp.

The Fists of Gork warband came into the sector next, launching an assault on the Lords of Darkness on Marl.  The Chaos Marines were protecting a city they had taken from the Imperial Guard garrison.  The Ork warband surrounding the traitors, giving them no hope for escape.  The Lords of Darkness gave it a shot, anyway, making a push for what seemed like a weak spot in the Orks' lines.  But their escape was not to be.  In a swift and horrendously one-sided battle, the Orks tore apart the Chaos army, leaving just two Aspiring Champions and a heavily damaged Rhino as the only remnants of the army.  The Orks took only two casualties, bikers who were cut down by those Aspiring Champions.  The Orks gained control of the city, pushing the Chaos Marines out.

Kaptin Gavrin saw this usurper trying to move in on his glory, and quickly assaulted the Fists of Gork on Marl.  The battle between the rival Ork warbands was fierce, with much Ork blood being spilt.  But it was quickly decided when Kaptin Gavrin and his retinue stepped into the fight, tearing apart almost all of the opposing army themselves.  Three Slugga Boyz units and the Fists of Gork warboss fell to Gavrin and his nobz.  Not a single survivor was left of the Fists of Gork, leaving the city to them.



In a ferocious battle over control of an Eldar training academy, a Dark Eldar kabal of unknown origins set upon the Eldar of Craftworld Alaitoc.  The Eldar Rangers did a good job in holding their ground in the face of a sudden enemy appearance and a vicious fast assault, but the day was not to be theirs.  The Dark Eldar hit the Eldar lines hard, blades flashing across their craftworld kindred's throats time and time again.  A lone Pathfinder was all that was left, and he by himself could not stand in the path of the kabal.  Knowing this, he moved into deep woods and slipped away from the scene, leaving the academy, and a foothold on Entat, to the Dark Eldar.

The Necrons came knocking next.  They came down upon Entat with rage, hoping to lay waste to the Dark Eldar on the planet.  They quickly knocked some Dark Eldar out of a small village, building defenses there.  The Dark Eldar Archon, not amused, launched a massive assault on the Necrons.  In an hours long battle, many Dark Eldar were slain.  But others took their place, and by the end of the day not a single Necron was left standing.  All had either been vaporized or teleported off planet.  The day belonged to the Dark Eldar, again.



A band of Khornate traitor Marines has made its presence felt in the sector.  The first battle they fought was a massive assault on Corinth.  The Space Wolves were their target.  The battle was very ferocious, and swayed both ways quickly.  The Rune Priest of the Space Wolves slew the Chaos Lord, only to be slain by a traitor Predator's lascannon.  A shattered Chaos squad tried to down the Venerable Dreadnought, but it was in vain.  By the end of the battle, dozens of Marines, loyal and traitor, lay strewn across the battlefield.  Only the Venerable Dreadnought and traitor Predator were left, both leaving the field of battle to get reinforcements.

When the Khornate Marines came back, they were surprised to find the Space Wolves in a very well defended position, waiting patiently for the traitors to return.  Very few casualties resulted in the following battle on the Space Wolves' side, but the Chaos force was decimated.  The entire force, save the Lord and his Berzerker retinue, was wiped out.  Even the vile Predator was destroyed by an enraged Bjorn, whose legs were damaged early in the battle, forcing him to stand in place during the entire battle and fire upon the enemy.  The Space Wolves celebrated with a mighty feast, lit by a pyre built of the bodies of the slain traitors.

Still determined, the Khorne Lord took his warband to Belem, where the forces of Craftworld Alaitoc were tending to their wounded.  The Eldar were shocked by the violence of the Chaos Marine assault.  An Alaitoc Farseer cast Mind War on the Chaos Lord, hoping to stall the advance of the traitors while the Eldar could escape.  Though the Lord's mind was destroyed in a blast of psychic energy, the Marines did not even falter in their advance.  They carried on, ripping into the Eldar with delight.  Even the Chaos Rhino got in a good couple of shots, taking down a pair of jetbikes with one burst from its combi-bolters.  The traitor Marines, their foes fleeing before them, took possession of the ruins that the Eldar had been protecting.



Hearing of the battle on Belem, the Marines of the Ultramarines chapter were sent to take on the aliens and the traitors.  They decided to start with the weakened Eldar forces.  Much to their disappointment, the Eldar were not going to be pushovers.  The Marines rumbled in, firing at the Eldar forces with aplomb.  The Eldar rangers set up in firing positions, and began doing their job, sniping at the enemy.  They showed their skill by finding weak spots in the armour of many Marines.  Soon the Marines were fleeing the field of battle, returning to base so that they could rethink their strategy.  Their academy they had built on the planet to train incoming troops was lost to the Eldar in the rout.



It seems everyone wants to take control of the spaceports of Corinth these days, even the Necrons.  The Necrons recently launched an assault on Corinth, grabbing control of a small spaceport.  The Space Wolves came to kick them off the world.  They almost succeeding, destroying all of the Necrons save the Necron Lord, at the loss of only four Space Wolves, one of whom was severely injured due to his own plasma gun overheating.  The Necron Lord, however, refused to die, and the Space Wolves decided to leave the lone Necron to his devices and return to base.  Upon returning, however, they found that they had been distracted long enough for another Necron force to take one of their training grounds.  The force was too large for the Space Wolves to mount a meaningful attack, so they consolidated their position and are now waiting for reinforcements that will allow them to regain the stolen territory.



Apparently angered by each others' lack of success on Corinth, the two Hive Fleets Scylla and Ashibah met on one of the worlds' moons and attacked each other viciously.  The battle was long and many Tyranids from both hive fleets were slain, their carcasses littering the moonscape.  When the skirmish was over, only two Genestealers from Hive Fleet Ashibah and a handful of Tyranids from Hive Fleet Scylla were left alive.  The two groups returned to their fleets, leaving the rest of the sector to wonder why two forces from a supposedly coordinated Hive Mind would take to battle against each other.

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