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2D6 Territory Ability Special:
Spaceship Wreckage gives you one randomly rolled piece of wargear.  Roll a D6:
1-2) You find a personal field projector.  One of your characters can have a 5+ invulnerable save.
3-4) You gain a short-ranged teleporter.  Once per battle, you may use it to teleport the model with the teleporter and one squad within 6" up to 12" using the Deep Strike rules.  The teleporter may even be used to teleport a squad out of an assault.  This teleport cannot be used to leave the game table.
5-6) You find a suspensor unit for a heavy weapon.  One weapon that is currently designated as Heavy can be re-designated Assault, but will drop to 50% range and lose a point of strength.  (i.e., heavy bolter would be 18", S4; Dark Lance 18", S7; Missile Launcher 24", S3/S7; Kustom Mega-Blasta 18", S6, etc.)

Allows you to use a Preliminary Bombardment (Warhammer 40K rulebook page ???) as long as you stake this territory (even if the mission does not allow it).

Allows you to re-roll any one die roll during each game. If you stake this territory, you may take 2 re-rolls. One die roll is defined as one physical die, not one group of dice.

Elite/Fast Attack/Heavy Support:
These territories allow you to take one Elite/Fast Attack/Heavy Support choice in your army. Multiple territories can combine (e.g. you may take 3 Elite choices if you control 3 Ancient Ruins). You may take these choices even if they are not allowed by the mission organization chart (e.g. you may take 4 Elites if you control 4 Ancient Ruins).

+25 points/+50 points:
These Territories allow you take field more points in your army. This is done after the Army size has been agreed upon (e.g. Both players agree to use 1000 point armies, but one player controls a City and a Wasteland and can therefore take 1075 points).

Any one unit in your army may now Infiltrate on missions that allow infiltrators.

Deep Strike:
Any one unit in your army may now Deep Strike on missions that allow Deep Strike.

Roll twice on the Territory Chart and combine the two territories' abilities. A further result of Special is ignored (sorry).

2 Spaceship Wreckage Special
3 Planetary Defenses Bombardment
4 Hidden Temple Luck
5 Ancient Ruins Elite
6 War Academy Fast Attack
7 Wasteland +25 points
8 Industrial Factory Heavy Support
9 City +50 points
10 Satellite Up-link Infiltrate
11 Spaceport Deep Strike
12 Hive Special

Campaign rules by Kenneth Wiant (

A slight modification to the original rules has been made.  Wastelands give +25 points, whereas in the original rules they only gave +10.

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