1999 Grand Tournament Q&A

Hi everyone, this errata is an attempt to shed a little light on some of the rules questions that we've been receiving about certain armies for this year's Grand Tournaments. Judging from the amount of correspondence we've been getting, some of you out there are very concerned with how the rules for certain forces will be played in this year's contest (As you should be, it's a dangerous world out there!). Please read this over (even if you have no questions about your own army) so everyone is "on the same page" during the competition.
Well, enough long-winded talk - here we go:



Q: Do Khemri armies collapse after their General dies?
A: Yes.

Q: Do Khemri cavalry ride through walls and other objects like regular Undead cavalry?
A: No.

Q: What Magic Deck do Liche Priests pull from, do they draw their spells randomly or choose, how many spells do they get, etc...?
A: Liche Priests are Liches and are treated as such for the purpose of spellcasting with the exception of the number of spells they get to choose. Liche Priests get to take one spell for each magic level that they possess, ie: 1 for Level 1, 2 for Level 2, and so on.

Q: How do Magic Standards affect Khemri chariot squadrons and for that manner, chariots in general?
A:Khemri Chariots have special rules that force them to rank up in units like cavalry models, while the chariots in other armies have the ability to deploy in loose units called Chariot Squadrons. While this is allowed under the Warhammer rules these units may possess horrible things like multiple magical standards within one squadron. However, in the interest of game balance, in the Grand Tournaments, Khemri chariot squadrons are going to be considered independent units for the purposes of Magic Items and Shooting. This will only really become an issue if the unit contains models which have different armor saving throws or special abilities due to magic. Otherwise, the rules for Khemri chariot squadrons in WD #227 apply. Chariot Squadrons in other armies may still be deployed as squadrons, but they are considered to be independent units for all purposes. This means that if you have two magical banners in a chariot squadron, the banners will only affect the chariot they are on.

Q: Do magic items (such as the Potion of Strength) increase the Strength of impact hits from chariots?
A: No.

Q: What can the spell Raise the Dead be used to create in the Khemri army?
A: Raise the Dead may be used to create Skeleton Warriors or Zombies as per the rules in Warhammer Magic. Although Khemri armies normally can't acquire zombies, it is reasonable to assume that they are raised from the remains of recently killed troops or that there is a suitable graveyard (full of freshly-killed corpses) in the vicinity of the battlefield. Players must have the correct additional models required in order to use the spell. Furthermore, the Necromantic spell commentaries in the 1994 edition of Warhammer Armies: Undead no longer apply and will not be used in the US Grand Tournaments. Only the rules in the reprinted and corrected 1997 and 1998 printings of the book and Warhammer Magic apply.

Q: What Khemri units may be affected by Van Hel's Danse Macabre?
A: Only regiments of Skeleton Soldiers and Skeleton Cavalry.

Q: What models will the Tomb King's Crown affect in a Khemri Army?
A: Any Characters, Tomb Guard, Skeleton Charioteers, Skeleton Cavalry, Skeleton Soldiers, Carrion, and Screaming Skull Catapult Crew.

Q: May the Doomrider Banner be used on Khemri Skeleton Cavalry and if so, do their Skeleton Steeds' attacks also hit automatically?
A: Yes, Yes.



Q: High Magic and Spell Familiars, how are spells drawn?
A: Draw the spells for the High Mage first, discard one, then draw one for the Spell Familiar.

Q: Do High Elf players have to wear women's undergarments during game play?
A: This seems to be a suitable and fitting choice but won't be enforced.



Q: Can Warhawk Riders have longbows, shields and spears or are they limited to longbows or a combination of shields and spears?
A: The former, they can have longbows as well as spears and shields.

Q: What undergarments are suitable for Wood Elves?
A: A fig leaf or some other form of foliage is acceptable.

Q: When a Wood Elf fires the Bow of Loren, what's the save mod.: -1 or -2? Is the extra -1 save for WE archery added to the -1 save for the S:4 attack of the weapon?
A: Well in this case it doesn't really apply since the Bow of Loren isn't a longbow, but it's a -1 modifier. A *very* good rule of thumb with such questions is to choose the answer that gives the least advantage to a model using a magic item or special ability.



Q: A character carrying the Heart of Woe is charged by a Terror causing creature, flees and is caught. What happens?
A: Since the only thing necessary to destroy a fleeing unit is to beat its dice roll, not to make actual contact, the fleeing character is destroyed and the Heart does not go off. Remember units removed in this way are not necessarily killed, but often have been turned into such a panicked and routed rabble that they cannot take any further action in the battle.

Q: It's a convention to allow big monsters with more than 4 wounds to be counted as units of 5+ models for the purposes of flank and rear charges. Will this be in effect at the Grand Tournaments?
A: It's up to the players to decide if they want to use this convention or not. If both want to use it, then it will apply, but if either does'nt then it can't be used. This should be discussed during the warm-up period.

Q: Does a flying unit which charges a regiment that has been previously engaged to the front in the side or rear count as a flank or rear charge for the purposes of rank bonuses, panic tests, etc...?
A: After much discussion and thought, we've ruled that flyers never get the bonuses for flank or rear charges in these circumstances. The reason for this is that while the models only represent the regiment's approximate position on the table, in actuality they are flying over the heads of the enemy, wheeling and striking as they go. Besides, we feel that flyers are perfectly good enough as it is.




Q: My opponent makes a sweeping advance into one of my units, can any of my unengaged troops fire at the advancing enemy?
A: Yes.



There you go, this should nail down some of the most frequently asked questions that we've received over the last few months. We'd like to stress that the purpose of the Grand Tournaments is to have fun, enjoy some friendly competition and to immerse yourself in a veritable sea of Games Workshop gaming maniacs for a few days. If you are only coming to the Grand Tournament to best all comers at any cost, regardless of how you act during the game, then you're missing the point. Let it be said that such an attitude will be noticed by the Judges and your opponents alike and will be reflected in your Sportsmanship scores.

Also, the best way to resolve any rules disputes which come up during your games is to talk it over with your opponent. We've added the warm-up period so that any problems which you think might come up can be (War)hammered out before play begins. However, if there is a dispute and you can't come to an agreement, then call over a rules judge and we'll be happy to make a decision. Best of luck!!!

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