by Tom Setzer

The Venenum Temple of the Officio Assassinorum emphasizes the use of poisons and non-technical weapons to kill their foes. They use poisoned swords, daggers, and projectiles fired from weapons using highly-compressed air to be silent. They are masters of disguise and stealth, and they are masters at hand to hand combat. They are especially chosen for agility and their ability to stay totally silent when needed but also to have the ability to mimic the mannerisms and characteristics of others.

The Venenum temple stresses subtlety and cunning. The silent kill is always the best kill. The unknown Assassin is always the most effective Assassin. They shun weapons that cause noise or that leave easily traced evidence. They strike from the unknown and they disappear again into the unknown.

All the Assassins of the Venenum temple are trained in the use of Polymorphine, and only the Callidus approach their mastery of this drug. The Venenum Assassin may masquerade as any humanoid they choose, from a beautiful woman to a crippled old man, to aliens such as Orks and Eldar. They are the masters of disguise and mimicry. In addition to Polymorphine, they use a range of implants created by the Medicus Adeptus of the Imperium to change their size, shape and physical appearance. They also have implants that will allow them to mimic the sound and speech patterns of those they are replacing. It is only when they are injected with Polymorphine that these implants react to stimulants within the drug and transform the Assassin to mimic the encoded shapes needed to take the place of those they choose to replace.

The Venenum Assassin will be landed behind enemy lines to take the place of a trusted underling of their intended target, and then they will only reveal themselves when they attack their target at the crucial moment of battle.


Profile Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Venenum Assassin 130 6 6 4 4 2 6 2 10 4+ inv.

Imperial Assassin. The Venenum Assassin is trained in the ancient arts of death as taught to all Assassins regardless of their temple. All Assassin special rules apply to Venenum Assassins.

Jump Back. A Venenum Assassin must be able to stay close to their chosen target, which may mean evading bodyguards and screens of troops sent to delay them. A Venenum Assassin may use their great speed and agility to leave a hand-to-hand combat unharmed. At the start of the hand-to-hand combat phase the Venenum Assassin may disengage from combat by jumping back. The Venenum Assassin may do this automatically and the opponent gains no free strike. Simply move the Venenum Assassin up to 2" out of hand-to-hand combat. This move may not be used to enter another hand-to-hand combat. The Venenum Assassin may ignore other targets to attack its assigned target. This means that the Venenum Assassin does not have to comply with any targeting rules.



Polymorphine: The Venenum Assassin is not deployed at the start of the game. Instead, the player may reveal at any time that the Venenum is in fact disguised as one of the enemy! The player can either an Ork, Squat, Human, Genestealer Hybrid or Eldar and substitute the Venenum Assassin for that model. The model must be a basic trooper model and not a character model, vehicle crewman or have a heavy weapon. In addition, as armour restricts the movement of the Assassin, the model the Assassin replaces cannot have an armour saving throw better than 3+ on 1D6. The Assassin discards any captured wargear as they cast off their disguise, and has only only the weapons and wargear normally carried.

Toxoid Blades: These are two vicious short swords that are coated with a highly deadly toxin prepared by the temple alchemists and used for killing the foes of the Imperium.  They wound on a 4+ regardless of Toughness, and all armour saves above 4+ are reduced to 4+.

Electro-Plasmic Disruptor: No high-tech items such as fields, power shields, power weapons, targeters, scanners, sensors, bionics or any other item that relies on a power source will work within 8" of a Venenum Assassin.

Air Gun: The Air Gun is a very silent weapon that uses compressed air to fire a projectile. This projectile will be tailored to the target.

Weapon Range Strength AP Type
Air Gun 16" 4 5 Assault 1

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