The Valkyries of Fenris

The Valkyries of Fenris are the result of an attempt to use the Space Wolves geneseed to create female warriors for the Sororitas. It was decided that the resulting warrior women had too much of the Wulfen in them for the Sororitas, and they were added to the Space Wolves as part o fthe Company of the Great Wolf. They are known for their vicious attacks upon the enemy and for their wild battle howl. It is said that the Valkyries live only for battle, and some say that the Wulfen curse is even stronger in them than in any other Space Wolf. The Valkyries have long canine fangs, and distinctive facial hair. They have a feral, lupine look to their face, and it is said that to look in their eyes is to see Death.


Profile Pts/Model WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Valkyrie 25 4 4 3 4 1 5 1 8 4+
Pack Leader  35 5 4 4 4 1 5 1 8 4+

Squad: A Valkyrie Pack consists of 4 Valkyries and a Valkyrie Pack Leader.

Weapons: Wulfen claw, chain flail, and frag grenades

Wargear: The Pack Leader may be given equipment chosen from the Space Wolves Armoury.

Options: The entire pack may be equipped with frag grenades at +1 point per model, and/or krak grenades at +2 points per model.

The entire pack may be equipped with jump packs at a cost of 10 points per model.

Special: The Valkyries are Space Wolves and all Space Wolves special rules apply.

Wulfen Claw

The Wulfen claw is a weapon unique only to the Valkyries. It was created by the great Iron Priest Welond when the Valkyries were first formed.

The Wulfen claw counts as a power weapon that adds +1 to its user's Strength.

Chain Flail

A Chain Flail may disarm the opponent of one weapon which you must state before rolling the die. Roll a d6 at the start of each close combat round, and you have disarmed your opponent on a die roll of 6 (they cannot use any abilities from their weapons for that round of close combat). As the chain flail takes many years of training, it may only be used by the Valkyries.  The chain flail counts as a heavy close combat weapon.

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