Brother Captain Stern

Grey Knight Terminator

40K3 conversion by Tom and Erik Setzer; Based on 40K2 background and rules by Mike Freeman

If you have Dark Millenium, then you've problably read the story about Brother Captain Stern. See, he was this Termie who lead a squad to take out a rogue govenor, but the govenor turned out to be possed by a Lord of Change named M'Kachan. They are supposedly old enemies, and the story ends with Stern commanding his troops to open fire on the Daemon. This whole rivalry thing was made very interesting when Codex Chaos came out, revealing a Daemon Prince who's name was, gasp, M'Kachen!(If anyone is wondering how I know so much about the Chaos Codex, it' s cause my brother is a freakin Chaos commander.) The only official rivals in the 40K universe are Ghazkull and Yarrick, but I love making them up. So, this completes one, as M'Kachen's arch-nemesis is about to rear his Termie head.

Brother Captain Stern of the Grey Knights Space Marine Chapter(if this is wrong, please mail me, as I can't remember which chapter he belongs to, and I can't find my Dark Millenium rulebook at the moment,) has had a long and illustrious career serving the Emperor's will. A master psyker, and brave warrior, Stern is adept at daemon hunting. He has banished many a foul monstrosity of Chaos back to the Warp from which they came, and was responsible for the slaying of the Great Unclean One Nur'golth One battle stands out in his impeckable battle record. His fight with the Daemon Prince M'Kachen. Now M'Kachen is a crafty character to say the least, and is more than a match for any more than the most skilled Farseer or the most revered Chief Libirarian. But Stern managed to banish him back to the Warp using his own indomitable will. Some say tha M'Kachen was just toying with the Captain, and he was far superior. This was set to the test when they met again, this time on an Imperial world where M'Kachen had possesed a Govenor. When Stern arrived, he was surprised to see his old nemesis. Attempting to blast him bak to the Warp with his mind, Stern hurled a pychic bolt at the daemon. Unfortunatley, this did not work, but M'Kachen was driven off by the fire of the squads Nemesis force weapons. Stern swears that if he ever meets M'Kachen again, he will destroy the beast once and for all.

Brother Captain Stern (HQ)

Type Points WS BS S T W I A Ld Save
Captain Stern 330 6 5 4 4 3 6 3 10 2+/5+ inv.

Wargear: Power fist, Stern's Nemesis Force Weapon, Aegis Suit, Tome Daemonica.


Fearless: Being a daemon hunter, little unsettles Stern. He is immune to pychology, and never takes break tests.

Squad: Stern may lead a squad of normal Grey Knights, and may be teleported as normal (using the Deep Strike rules).

Bolt of Doom: Using his will, Stern can banish creatures of the Warp without pychic power. Any daemon that is within 12" may be targeted. The target has to take a break test on 3d6. If it fails, it is hurled back into the Warp. Note that All greater daemons may take the test on 2d6.

Hates M'kachen: M'kachen's evil nature appalls Stern. He is affected by hatred against M'Kachen. Note M'Kachen may not hide as a different model when Stern is present. He will be sensed by Stern and forced to exposed himself.



Aegis Suit

Captain Stern wears a special anti-psychic Aegis Suit.   This gives him a 4+ save against all psychic powers.

Stern's Nemesis Force Weapon

Stern has used this for many years, and it has become specially attuned to his psychic pattern. Stern's Force Weapon counts as a normal nemesis force weapon (see the rules for Grey Knights).  Stern may also reroll any attacks made with his force weapon.

Tome Daemonica

This contain much of the weaknesses and information about daemons that the Imperium has uncovered, thus it may be used attempt to weaken daemons. All lesser daemons within 12" of the Tome will suffer a -1 to their Daemonic Aura saves, and to there WS and BS. It also severs any psychic powers they may have. Greater Daemons will only be affected if they fail a leadership test on 2d6.

Well, that's it. He may seem a bit anti chaos, but that's just what he his.

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