Squig Bommerz

The Squigs used to create Squig Bommerz are kept by Ork Mekboys. This particular type of squig are fairly large, with tough ball-shaped bodies and clumsy taloned feet. The Squigs have huge gaping mouths thronged with slashing teeth. The squig generally hangs around the Mekboy’s workshop eating all the metal scraps that the Mekboy drops on the floor. They are generally considered to be invaluable by Mekboys, who, without them would soon be up to their necks in scrap metal and half finished projects. Squigs can even drink the highly volatile high octane fungus fuel. In times of great need Mekboys fit these Squigs with a bomb harness and send them barrelling toward the enemy. At an opportune moment the Mek can detonate the bomb via a radio control unit, blowing the squig up instantly, spreading guts, gore, bone, undigested scrap metal all the Mek’s missing tools over a wide area. Occasionally the squigs can be too old and leathery and the bomb explodes inside them but fails to pierce the tough leathery skin. Leaving liquidized insides.


Movement: Squigs should be treated as individual models. Squig Bommerz are extremely difficult to control and do not move like normal troops, instead you must randomly determine each individual Squig Bommer’z movement in the compulsory movement phase. Turn each Squig Bommer in the direction you hope them to go. Now roll an artillery dice to determine how far forward they travel. The Squig Bommer’z move forward a number of inches equal to the roll of artillery dice. If you roll a MISFIRE then something bad happened, refer to the Misfire section below. Before moving the Squig Bommer roll a D6 and refer to the table below to determine if the Squig Bommer changes direction.





The Squig moves 45 degrees to the left and then moves forward a number of inches equal to roll of an artillery dice.


The Squig doesn't change direction and moves forward a number of inches equal to roll of an artillery dice.


The Squig moves 45 degrees to the right and then moves forward a number of inches equal to roll of an artillery dice.





Dud! With a muffled sort ‘oomph’ sound the squig expands ever so slightly and looks like he has swallowed something nasty, before falling down dead. Remove the Squig Bommer, the bombs has exploded inside the Squig, but it was too tough and contained all the blast. It has no effect


Kaboom! The Squig explodes. Place a blast marker so that it is centered on the Squig. Any model (friend or foe) wholly under the template is hit by the blast. Any models partially under the template will be hit on the D6 roll of 4, 5 or 6. Models hit by the blast sustain a S6 hit, with an AP3. The Squig is destroyed and removed from play.



Close Combat: If the Squig Bommer ends its movement in base to base contact with non Orky models, then it will fight a round of hand-to-hand combat as normal.

Shooting: The Squig Bommer may be shot at as normal.

Destroying the Squig: If the Squig is reduced to 0 wounds then he will explode. Roll on the Explosion table to determine the effects of the blast.

Victory Points: All the Squig Bommerz count as a single squad for working out VPs. Note however squigs which explode and hit at least one of your opponents models do not count as destroyed, they are merely doing their job. This means if your opponent wishes to gain full VPs for destroying the Squig Bommerz he will have to kill them all without any of them hitting one of his models.



If your Ork army includes Mekboys then you may also include Squig Bommerz. You may have up to ten Squig Bommerz for each Mekboy in your force.  Each group of ten Squig Bommerz counts as a single Heavy Support choice.

Squig Bommerz

Profile Pts/Model WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Squig Bommerz 20 4 - 5 3 1 5 2 2 4+

WEAPONS: Sharp Claws and big bomb.

ARMOUR: Tough Leathery hide (4+ save).

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