Welcome to Codex: Ming, a book entirely dedicated to collecting, painting and gaming with an army representing the alien armies of the Ming Empire.

Here is to be found the mighty Ming Empire.  Learn of its people and their culture.  The basic Ming philosophy may be summed up by the phrase, "Purpose Requires Strength."  The Ming will vigorously pursue any purpose deemed desirable.

The Ming are highly militaristic, and believe that the survival of their race is the most important objective.


What's In This Book?

This book breaks down into the three main sections listed below, each of which illuminates a different area of creating your own Ming Empire army and getting it into action on a tabletop battlefield.

The Army List.

Tells you about the different characters, troops, weapons and vehicles available to the Ming Empire, and how to work out an army for use in a Warhammer 40,000 game.

The Ming.

A section dedicated to background details and extra information about the Ming Empire.

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