On the pages that follow you'll find an army list which will allow you to field a Ming army in games of Warhammer 40,000. The army list allows you to fight battles using the scenarios included in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, but it also provides you with the basic information you'll require in order to field a Ming army in scenarios you've devised yourself, or as part of a campaign series of games. The army list is split into five distinct sections. All of the squads, vehicles and characters in an army list are placed in one of the five sections depending upon their role on the battlefield. In addition every model included in the army list is given a points value, which varies depending upon how effective that model is on the battlefield. Before you can choose an army for a game you will need to agree with your opponent upon a scenario and upon the total number of points each of you will spend on your army. Having done this you can proceed to pick an army as described below.

Using A Force Organisation Chart

To make a choice, look in the relevant section in the army list and decide what unit you wish to have in your army, how many models there will be in the unit, and which upgrades that you want (if any). Remember that you can not field models that are equipped with weapons and wargear that is not shown on the model. Once this is done subtract the points value of the unit from your total points, and then go back and make another choice. Continue doing this until you have spent all your points. You're then ready to lead your Sisters of Battles.

Each army list entry consists of the following:

Unit Name: The type of unit, which may also show a limitation on the maximum number of choices you can make of that unit type (0-1, for example).

Profile: These are the characteristics of that unit type, including its points cost. Where the unit can have different warriors, there may be more than one profile.

Number/Squad: This shows the number of models in the unit, or the number of models you may take for one choice from the Force Organisation chart. Often this is a variable amount, in which case it shows the minimum and maximum unit size.

Weapons: These are the unit's standard weapons.

Options: This lists the different weapon and equipment options for the unit and any additional points cost for taking these options. It may also include an option to upgrade one squad member to a character. If a squad is allowed to have models with upgraded weaponry (such as heavy weapons), then these must be given to ordinary squad members, not the character.

Special Rules: This is where you'll find any special rules that apply to the unit.

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