A squad of Temple Guard Terminators uses the same stats and options presented in Codex Space Marines, with the following options added:

  • Any Terminator may exchange his stormbolter for a combi-bolter at no extra cost, a bolter-flamer at +3 points, or a bolter-meltagun at +5 points.

  • Instead of taking a heavy weapon from the list presented in Codex Space Marines, a Terminator may choose to carry an autocannon at +15 points.


DREADNOUGHT - See Codex: Space Marine



The Bretheren of the Sword count as a normal Veteran Space Marine squad, with the following changes:

  • All Veterans are Fearless.
  • Veterans cost 20 points per model, not 18 points.



  Points WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Scout 16 4 4 4 4 1 4 1 9 4+
Veteran Sergeant +13 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 4+

Squad: The Scouts Squad consists of between four and nine Scouts and a Sergeant.

Weapons: Bolt pistol and close combat weapon.

Options: Any model in the squad may replace their bolt pistol and close combat weapon with a sniper rifle at +5 points, or a bolter or shotgun at no additional points cost.

One of the Scouts may can have one of the following:  heavy bolter at +15 pts; autocannon at +20 pts; missile launcher at +20 pts.

The entire Squad can have frag grenades at an additional cost of +1 pt per model and krak grenades at an additional cost of +2 pts per model.

One of the Scouts may be upgraded to a Veteran Sergeant at an additional cost of +13 points.


Infiltrators: In the right circumstances Scouts can work their way into a forward position on the battlefield.   To represent this they may set up using the Infiltrators rule, but only if the mission allows Infiltrators.  If it does not then they set up normally with the rest of the army.

Dispersed Formation: Templar Scouts move in a dispersed formation, allowing them more flexibility in their movements.  Their squad coherency is 4" rather than the normal 2".

Move Through Cover: Scouts roll an extra D6 when rolling to move through difficult terrain.  In most cases this will mean that they roll 3D6 and pick the dice with the highest score.

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