Gar Villtur

Gar was born in Bragisholm, and as he grew to be a youth he showed a special affinity to the wild things of the northlands. He trained in battle as was his right as the son of a warrior Jarl. He listened to the stories told of Asaheim by the Skalds, the stories of the gods that walked Asaheim and the fearsome Wulfen did not cause fear in his heart, but instead a strange yearning to visit the Isle of the Gods. He swore that one day he would journey to the island and confront the monsters there. Each year during the testing the Priests of the gods passed him by, even though he tested stronger, braver, and fiercer than any of the rest. The Priests spoke of his light stature and said that he would never withstand the trials of the chosen. This made Gar all the more determined that he would write his name in glory with the blood of his enemies. When Gar had reached his sixteenth year, he took a one-man boat and loaded it for a long journey, placing in it his sword, a stock of spears, and a great axe along with food and water. With these preparations made, he set out to journey to the Isle of the Gods. After many weeks of travel, he finally approached the mist-shrouded isle. As he entered the mist, a Kraken rose up from the depths, and only through Gar's quickness did he avoid the great monster's tentacles. After a fierce fight, Gar managed to injure the Kraken to the point that it withdrew from the fight. At this point, Gar was on the edge of unconsciousness. If the battle had raged for very much longer, he would have been done. What he did not know was that the Great Wolf Priests had been watching him and his struggle. They came out with a skimmer and took him onboard and returned to Asaheim. After Gar had been returned to health, he was initiated by drinking from the Cup of Wulfen, and his body absorbed the geneseed of the Space Wolves, the Canis gene helix. The Wulfen seed grew fast within the young warrior, turning man into howling savage. He became half-man and half-wolf, he found himself in the primal forests of Asaheim with a raging hunger for flesh and his mind possessed with bestial instincts, which overrode his sanity and drove him to hunt and do battle. The only thought remaining to him was that he must reach the Fang. This one thought drove him ever onward. Gar has no true memory of entering the Fang, all he knows is that he lived as a primal beast for what seemed an eternity.

In battle Gar has learned to use his smaller size to his advantage. He strikes with a lethal quickness and a primal rage against his enemies. He stands less than 2 meters, but his strength is equal to the strongest of his Wolf Brothers, and his speed is beyond compare. He moves with a quickness that is far beyond that of normal Space Marines. Gar always wears his specially made lightweight power armour, even though it does not have the thickness of plates of normal Space Marine armour he makes up for it with his quickness of movement. Gar is a champion of champions, one of the most respected of the Wolf Guard, even though he can usually be found leading Wolf Scouts. The freedom that he feels among the Scouts on their lone patrols is something that he craves. He still feels the pull of the wild places.


Profile Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Gar Villtur 130 5 4 4 4 2 5 2 9 4+/5+ inv.

Weapons: Bolt pistol, Power sword, frag and krak grenades, auspex.


Dodge: Gar has a 5+ invulnerable save to represent his ability to dodge attacks.


Gar's Special Armour

This armour was made for Gar by the Iron Priests to take advantage of his speed and because a standard suit of Space Marine armour was just too large for him. The armour contains the same filtration, sensory, and visual aids as Space Marine power armour, plus it has cameoline ability built into it, and full scanner capability.

Gar's armour gives him a 4+ save, as well as having a built-in auspex.  Its cameleoline gives Gar a +1 to any cover saves.

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