Cullexus Assassin

40K3 conversion by Tom and Erik Setzer; Based on 40K2 background and rules by Mike Freeman

This was taken from White Dwarf 193, where the Cullexus was mentioned in the Eversor article. I made up the rest.

Assassins are one of the Imperium's greatest weapons for defeating undermining Planetary Governors and rogue psykers. Instead of sending regiments of Imperial Guard and Space Marines to stop such a threat, a swift blow from an assassin tends to rip the center from any rebellion. Rebel forces often lack the stomach for fighting when their leader is discovered beheaded and heartless in his chamber. Assassins are recruited from orphanages, young humans with no family and no name. They are taken to a specific temple, where they learn a certain way of fighting. For instance, the Eversor Assassin uses scare tactics, and the Vindicare Assassin is used as a sniper. All assassins are deadly in their own aspect, and as a whole. If one of these orphans shows some form of latent psychic ability, they are taken to the Cullexus temple. Here they learn the art of combat, and learn to use their psychic powers to defend themselves and terrorize the Emperor's foes. They are used mostly to take care of rogue pyskers, as even at the height of their Chaos powers, they cannot rival the mastery of the Cullexus. They use the Emperor to terrorize foes, and they are said to channel his rage through them form the Warp.

Cullexus Assassin

Type Points WS BS S T W I A Ld Save
Cullexus 140 5 5 4 4 3 6 3 10 5+

Weapons: Cullexus Force Weapons, needle pistol (counts as needle sniper rifle with 12" range and type Pistol), power sword.  The Cullexus also has a special Psychic Hood and a Cameoline Cloak.

Special Rules

The Cullexus is adept at moving ahead of the army, destroying ammo supplies, inspiring terror and killing commanders. In missions that allow it, the Cullexus may use the Infiltrators rules.

Being an assassin, the Cullexus is equipped with synthskin, which pumps neuro-enhancers into his
system, making him very agile. He receives a 4+ invulnerable save.

The Cullexus is immune to all
psychology and never has to take a break test. His leadership characteristic will only be used for comparative purposes.

The Assassin is a psyker and may use powers from the list below.

The Cullexus is an Imperial assassin, and gains all the bonuses for it
described in Codex: Assassins.

Hail of Fire
psychic mastery will not prevail, the Cullexus is trained to finish off his target at all costs. He may shoot twice in the shooting phase with his needle pistol, twice at one target if you wish, or at another within 6"

Any right-thinking rebel commander fears the wrath of the
Imperium's assassins. Any enemy model within 6" of the Assassin suffers a -1 to their Ld.

Daemonic Resistance-The Cullexus is trained on how to avoid daemons at a very early age. He may re-roll any 2's or 12's rolled while trying to use a Psychic Power.


Cullexus Psychic Hood
psychic hood is specially linked to the Cullexus's neural center, allowing him to be very in touch with the Warp. It works in the same manner as a Space Marine Psychic Hood (see Codex: Space Marines for details).

Cullexus Force Weapon
This force weapon is a large staff, with a dark blade attached to the end, not unlike a Nemesis Force Weapon.  The force weapon acts exactly like a Space Marine force weapon (see Codex: Space Marines for details).

Cameleoline Cloak
This is a specially constructed Cameleoline-lined cloak that allows the Cullexus to sneak up on the enemy. The Cloak gives him a 5+ cover save and the Assassin always counts as being in cover during an assault (ie always strikes first except when charged by a unit with frag grenades).

Cullexus Psychic Powers

Emperor's Curse

The Cullexus summons up frightening images of the Emperor around him, making his foes think that the Emperor is coming for them next! A single enemy unit within 6" must take a Ld test on 3d6. If they fail, they must fall back immediately.

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