The Bishop of Metallica

40K3 conversion by Tom and Erik Setzer; Based on 40K2 background and rules by Mike Freeman

In the Sisters of Battle codex, if you look at those pictures of all the different Ecclesiarchy characters, you'll see the picture of the Bishop of Metallica. Being a Metallica fan myself, I can't in good concience pass up the oppurtunity to make him up. If you're into heavy metal, you'll get his wargear and other stuff.

The Bishop of Metallica is easily one of the Ecclesiarchy's most famous and dreaded warriors. His battle record is long and full of glory, and his power and faith without match. The members of the Imperial forces look to him and see one of the Emperor's most chosen. One of his greater accomplishments came at Galyman 3, when he defeated and his loyal legion of followers a huge legion of Slaanesh, led by the infamous team of Daemonettes, the Spice Girlz. From one of the ruined Noise Marines he took a sonic guitar cannon, which he uses to sound righteous music to smite the foe. Few can wistand his fury and survive. His power, they say, is only passed by that of the original Bishop of Metallica, known as Hapheastus Hetfield. The Bishop is a mysterious ranger, no one really knows who he really is. They do know he is one of the blessed sons of the Emperor, and the forces of the Imperium will follow him wherever he goes. The Bishop may be taken by any Imperial army, and may lead it if you wish.

The Bishop of Metallica

Type Points WS BS S T W I A Ld Save
Bishop 190 + wargear 5 5 3 3 3 5 2 10 5+

Weapons: Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, The Axe of the Righteous

Psyker: The Bishop is an adept psyker, and has the psychic powers listed below.


The Axe of the Righteous
The Axe of the Righteous, is in fact, a guitar weapon taken from a fallen Champion of Slaanesh by the Bishop of Metallica. It's power is great, and whenever it is played, loud chords of righteous fury. These chords then trigger the release of deadly bolts of energy. The Axe of the Righteous may be fired in the shooting phase just like an ordinary weapon (usually accompanied with cries of "Ride the Lightning!, "Kill 'em all" or "And Justice for All!' from the Bishop.) It may be shot at any model within 24". Use the Bishop's BS as normal. If a hit is scored, the model takes a Str. 6 hit with an AP4. If that hit is successful, make another roll to hit for a model within 2". If successful, that model takes a Str. 6 hit with an AP4 as well. It keeps going until a miss is rolled, or there are no models within range.

Hetfield Grail
The Grail of Hetfield is a large cup which is a symbol of the early Bishops of Metallica, such as James Hetfield, or the man known as Lars. It inspires those around him to great deeds. Any Imperial models within 12" are automatically immune to psychology, and will automatically pass any leadership based test given upon them.


The Bishop's Psychic Power Deck

Corrosion Of Conformity

Dark clouds move to one squad nearby, causing thoughts of rebellion and individualism. Place the small blast template over an enemy squad within 18". All models under it must take a Leadership test at -2. If failed, the models can do nothing. Tests may be taken again during the end phase, but the penalty still applies.

Nine Inch Nails

Large metal nails appear in the Bishop's hand. They may be shot at any enemy models within 6". The model takes a S5 hit with an AP5.

Sister Machine Gun

The Bishop summons the spectre of a might Adeptus Soritas with a heavy bolter to righteously blast his enemies. You control this spectre for the next turn. The ghost stays in base to base contact with the Bishop, and shoots at the nearest squad.


The Bishop summons a mighty rod of power in the shape of a metal crowbar from ages past. It adds +3 to his strength until the end of the turn.


A huge cloud of disease chokes the life out of a squad nearby. Place the small blast template on an enemy squad within 24". Everyone within the takes an automatic S5 hit with an AP4.

Gravity Kill

The Bishop lifts the weight of gravity from a squad within 12".  That squad may now move 8".

White Zombie/Cannibal Corpse/Carcass

The Bishop summons images of zombies and death. These terrify enemy troopers, causing them to flee for safer ground. One enemy squad within 24" must take a Ld test or fall back.

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